B.Sc Psychology - Curriculum

B. Sc Psychology 2017 onwards

Semester I
  Common Course I- Paper I (English)
  Common Course I- Paper II (English)
  Common Course II- Paper I (Additional Language)
  Foundations and Methods of Psychology (Core)
  Body Systems and Behaviour (Complementary 1)
  Basic Statistics- Paper I (Complementary II)
Semester II
  Common Course I- Paper III (English)
  Common Course I- Paper IV (English)
  Common Course II- Paper II (Additional Language)
  Basic Cognitive Processes (Core)
  Biological Basis of Behaviour - Paper II (Complementary I)
  Statistical Tools– Paper II (Complementary II)
Semester III
  Common Course I- Paper V (English)
  Common Course II- Paper III (Additional Language)
  Living in the Social World (Core)
  Neurophysiology of Behaviour I- Paper III (Complementary I)
  Statistical Methods and Elementary Probability- Paper III (Complementary II)
  Psychology Practical
Semester IV
  Common Course I- Paper VI (English)
  Common Course II- Paper IV (Additional Language)
  Social Interactions and Human Behaviour (Core)
  Biophysiology of Behaviour II- Paper IV (Complementary I)
  Statistical Inference- Paper IV (Complementary II)
  Psychology Practical
Semester V
  Abnormal Psychology (Core)
  Foundations of Organizational Behavior (Core)
  Environmental Psychology and Human Rights
Open Course (Any one)
  1. Basics of Counselling Psychology
2. Life Skills Development
  Experimental Psychology
  Project 1
Semester VI
  Psychology of Maladaptive Behaviour (Core)
  Child Development (Core)
  Managing Behavior in Organizations (Core)
Choice-based Core course (Any one)
  1. Theory and Practice of Counselling
2. School Psychology
3. Human Resource Development
4. Health Psychology
  Psychological Assessment
  Project 2

Old Syllabus

Semester 1

  • Core Course: Basic Psychological Processes
  • Complementary Course: Biological Basis of Behaviour

Semester 2

  • Core Course: Basic Cognitive Processes
  • Complementary Course: Neurophysiology of Behaviour

Semester 3

  • Core Course: Social Behaviour
  • Complementary Course: Statistics
  • Practical

Semester 4

  • Core Course: Social Mind and Processes
  • Complementary Course: Statistics
  • Practical

Semester 5

  • Core Course: Child Development
  • Core Course: Abnormal Behaviour
  • Elective Course: Foundations of Organizational Behaviour
  • Practical
  • Project I

Semester 6

  • Core course: Psychology of Maladaptive Behaviour
  • Elective Course: Managing Behaviour in Organizations
  • Open Courses:
    • Human Resource Development
    • Theory and Practice of Counselling
    • Basics of Counselling Psychology
    • Psychology of Advertising and Marketing Research
    • Life Skill Development
    • Personal Effectiveness
    • Psychological Analysis of Film, Literature and Cultural Products
    • Psychology of Adolescents
    • Yoga and Stress Management
    • Indian Psychology
    • Sports Psychology
    • Health Psychology
  • Practical
  • Project II