BSW - Student Bodies

  • National Service Scheme

    Rajagiri has two units of NSS and was selected as one among the best NSS Unit Award in theyear 2009- 2010 in MG University. The NSS unit organizes a week long “Rural SensitizationCamp” and a series of regular activities every year. They also take part as volunteers fordifferent social connect programmes conducted by different government departments &organizations. 


    To build up a pro people attitude and deepen the social interest of the social work studentsof Rajagiri, SWARAJ (Social Work Students association of Rajagiri) plays a vital role. Takinginto consideration the diversity of interest and according to the specialization andneed of the community, SWARAJ organizes various enriching and thought provoking programmes for the whole Rajagiri family. SWARAJ hosts many eminent personalities from various spheresof life to accelerate the students’ and the campus’ social attitude in accordance with theirviews and to formulate within the students, clarity about the present social scenario.

  • Rajasadass (The people’s forum)

    Provides opportunity for staff, students and other members of Rajagiri family to cometogether and air their views on a given issue there by creating a platform for criticalevaluation and making comments on current social issues. The views and comments of experts in therespective fields enable the students to know different perspectives on the subject.

  • Nature Club – TREE

    ‘Together Restoring Environment Effectively’. This serves not only as expansion of the termTREE, the nature club in the College, but also is a motto that highlights the attitude ofstudents and staff towards the environment where one lives. The environmentfriendly plastic free campus is a good example of this. The herbal garden in the College started with theinitiative of nature club was revamped to add about 50 varieties of medicinal plants. Mothernature also is a platform for the students to come together and share their ideas onenvironment related issues and develop an environment friendly attitude.

  • Youth Red Cross

    The College has three Units of YRC in which 150 students are members. Main activitiesare: Participation in Youth Red Cross Orientation & Annual Camps, Participation intraining programmes like First Aid, Tree plantation, Socio Economic surveys, Palliative CareDay observation , Awareness campaigns, Blood Donation Camps, Oncology ward visits etc.Students also assist many NGOs in organizing special programs.


    ENCON Club is purely a voluntary non-profit group activity of students aimed at practicing energy conservation and environment protection. This gives a platform for the members to acquire, process and share knowledge on the subject. Kochi Refinery started ENCON clubs in the year 2002 with the ambitious aim of associating with the younger generation in protecting and preserving the environment. The main objective of this ENCON Club is to drive home the message of energy conservation and environment protection in the minds of students, by planning and organizing regular activities.


    Rotaract brings together students to take action in their communities, develop their leadership and professional skills. Rotary cluubs sponsor them, but Rotaract members manage and fund their clubs independently. It is a service, leadership and community service organization for young men and women and focuses on the development of young adults as leaders in their communities and workplaces.