MSW - Curriculum

The MSW programme is of two years duration, organised in four semesters. There are five courses each in the first and second semesters along with field work. In the third semester there are two compulsory courses and three specialization courses. The concurrent field work and block placement is an integral part of the third semester. In the fourth semester there are two compulsory courses and two specialization courses apart from dissertation (project work). Also as part of the semester the students undergo a block placement for a duration of not less than four weeks in addition to the regular field work.


  • SW1C1 Sociology and Economics for Social Work
  • SW1C2 Human Growth and Development SW1C3
  • History, Philosophy and Fields of Social Work
  • SW1C4 Foundations of Direct Social Work Practice
  • SW1C5 Community Organisation and Social Action
  • SW1P Field Practicum 1


  • SW2C1 Introduction to Abnormal and Social Psychology
  • SW2C2 Theory and Practice of Counselling
  • SW2C3 Development Communication
  • SW2C4 Advanced Direct Social Work Practice
  • SW2C5 Social Work Research and Statistics
  • SW2P Field Practicum 2


  • SW3C1 Social Legislation and Human Rights
  • SW3C2 Administration of Human Service Organizations
  • Specialisation papers

STREAM I – Family and Child Welfare

  • SW3EFC1 - Social Work Practice With Families
  • SW3EFC2 - Social Work Practice with Children and Youth
  • SW3EFC3 - Women’s Rights and Gender Issues

STREAM II - Community Development

  • SW3ECD1 - Rural & Urban Community Development
  • SW3ECD2 - Environment and Disaster Management
  • SW3ECD3 - Community Health for Development Practice

STREAM III - Medical & Psychiatric Social Work

  • SW3EMP1 - Psychopathology for Social Work
  • SW3EMP2 - Social Work in the Field of Health
  • SW3EMP3 - Health Care Administration and Community Health


  • SW4C1 Participatory Programme Planning and Management
  • SW4C2 Contemporary Social Work Practice
  • Specialisation papers

STREAM I – Family and Child Welfare

  • SW4EFC1 - Population dynamics and Reproductive and Child Health
  • SW4EFC2 - Social Work in Education

STREAM II - Community Development

  • SW4ECD1 - Social Entrepreneurship for Development Practitioners
  • SW4ECD2 - Social Action for Community Development

STREAM III - Medical & Psychiatric Social Work

  • SW4EMP1 - Social Work Interventions in the field of mental health
  • SW4EMP2 - School Mental Health and Social Work Practice
  • Field Practicum
  • Dissertation/ Project
  • Comprehensive Viva
  • Block Placement