PGDCSW - Curriculum

PGDCSW is a unique job oriented, practice based two semester programme with a distinctive blend of clinical social work and counseling practice skills. This programme offers opportunity for the learners to get trained any two therapeutic models and to specialize in counseling for children and adolescent or Workplace Counseling.

The programme has clearly planned opportunities for practice of counseling skills and methods with possibilities for internship in relation to the specialization areas.


Foundation Courses (F) PD1F1

Foundations of Psychology for clinical social work and Counselling Practice

PD1F2 Foundations of Mental Health and Psychopathology

Core Courses (C)

PD1C1 Clinical Social Work Practice

PD1C2 Process and Techniques of Counseling

PD1C3 Theoretical Approaches & Fields of Counseling

PDFW1 Field Practicum & Foundation Case Records


Elective Courses 1– Approaches – Any two – 1.5 Credits X 2 = 3



A. Behavioral & Cognitive Behavioral Approaches

B. Cognitive Analytic Therapy

C. Positive Psychology & Strength’s Based Practice


Elective Courses 2 – Practice Areas Any one from the list


A. Foundations of Child and Adolescent Counseling

B. Foundations of Marriage and Family Counseling

C. Foundations of Workplace and Wellness Counseling


Elective Courses 3 – practice Areas – choose continuation course of course selected from Elective 2 ( ie. A-F)


A. Advanced Skills and Practice in Child and Adolescent Counseling

B. Advanced Skills and Practice in Marriage and Family Counseling

C. Advanced Skills and Practice in Workplace Counseling


PDFW2 Field Practicum/Internship and Practice Case Records Comprehensive Viva