MCA - Curriculum

Curriculum (2016-2019)

I Semester
Probability and Statistics
Computer Organization and Architecture
Problem Solving with Structured Programming in C
Essentials of Management and Organizational Behaviour
C Lab

II Semester
Operations Research
Operating Systems
C++ and Object Oriented Programming Paradigms
Software Engineering
Data Structures
DS Lab

III Semester
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Data Communications and Computer Networks
System Software and Compiler Design
Java Programming
Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Java Lab
Computer Graphics Lab

IV Semester
Internet Programming using Framework
Business Processes and Information Systems
Object Oriented Modelling and design with UML
MCA 4xx (Specialisation)
MCA 4xx(Specialisation)

V Semester
Data Mining
Linux Administration, Management and Networking
Parallel Programming
MCA 5xx (Specialisation)
MCA 5xx(Specialisation)
Linux Lab
Specialization Lab

VI Semester
Viva Voce


1: Knowledge Engineering

Pool 1 

Data Warehousing (Subject Code: 411)

Digital Image Processing (Subject Code: 412) 3. Soft Computing (Subject Code: 413)

Pool 2 

Big Data Analytics (Subject Code: 511)

Information Retrieval Analytics (Subject Code: 512) Social Media Mining (Subject Code: 513)

2: Programming Series

Pool 1 

J2EE (Subject Code: 421)

Open Source Lab PHP (Subject Code: 422) Android (Subject Code: 423)

Pool 2 

Struts and Hibernate (Subject Code: 521)

Open Source Lab – Python (Subject Code: 522)

Developing Mobile Applications with iOS Platform (Subject Code: 523)

3: Advanced Software Engineering

Pool 1

Software Requirements Engineering (Subject Code: 431) Software Design and architecture (Subject Code: 432)

Software Testing (Subject Code: 433)

Pool 2

Software Project Management (Subject Code: 531) Software Risk Management (Subject Code: 532)

User Interface Design (Subject Code: 533)

4: Information Security 

Pool 1

Mathematical Foundations of Information Security (Subject Code: 441) Web and Database Security (Subject Code: 442)

Emerging Security Technologies (Subject Code: 443)

Pool 2

Network Security Architecture (Subject Code: 541) Wireless Security (Subject Code: 542)

Cyber Forensics (Subject Code: 543)