MSW - Objectives


MSW – ( Two Aided batches)                                                               

  • An additional batch was sanctioned during the academic year 2013-2014 and hence, there are two batches of MSW programme.
  • To facilitate the growth of its students into professionals of integrated Individuality by:
    • Developing an ambience for self-learning (svadhyaya) which is characterised by freedom, openness, approachability, flexibility, collaboration & participation, and mutual trust & respect;
    • Providing necessary theoretical inputs on the philosophy, values, methods, fields and the approaches of human service profession and human resource management ;
    • Providing avenues for experiential learning for growing in social awareness and sensitivity towards social issues;
    • Promoting insight into one's personal (own) self and the purpose of professional self in the helping profession;
    • Fostering the development of proficiency in helping and managerial (human management) skills, and effective intervention strategies;
    • Helping to sharpen the skills in conceptualization, analyst and interpretation. 
  • To promote the development of Social Work Profession by generating knowledge in the field by means of publications (written and audio-visual) both individually and on behalf of the institute, encouraging and associating with professional social work forums and by conducting regular research programmes in the field of Social Work, Welfare and other allied disciplines.
  • To extend the learning process to practice by reaching out to the community through innovative field action programmes, action research, and regular training and updating programmes for social workers of all cadres.
  • To get constantly updated by undergoing training programmes refresher programmes and exposure to actual field work by interaction with workers, activists and social scientists