M.Sc Psychology - Events


The students of RCBSR visited the Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre on 2nd March 2017. Firstly, an orientation about the hospital and its services were given.

Then the students were taken to different wards of the hospital. In every ward the students were allowed to freely interact with the patients and caregivers. They were taken to the Adult Psychiatry OP and IP department, Child Psychiatry section, Navajyothi centre for Behavioural Sciences, Nirmala Training Centre for Exceptional Children (Autism) and Rehabilitation Centre.

The students were given the opportunity to observe the therapy procedures followed and identify the differences in therapy procedures given in each section.


In-House Seminar




In commemoration of World Mental Health Day (October 10th), an In House Seminar on ‘Psychology Of Gambling, Alcohol Addiction And Drug Addiction’ was conducted. Dr. Sanju George, Psychiatrist, Rajagiri Hospital was the chief resource person who spoke about the Psychology of Gambling addiction. Prof. Annie Sebastian, spoke about Psychology of Alcohol and Drug Addiction.






International Conference

The International Conference commenced on 21st October 2016.The Chief resource person Dr. John Carrey, Professor, University of Massachusetts, spoke about Adlerian Psychology and Educational Improvement. He spoke about the important Interventions and Key Concepts in Adlerian Psychology. The Adlerian interventions discussed included Positive Discipline, Parent Education Programs and Problem Focused Teacher and Parent Consultation. The key concepts included the Drive towards competence, Encouragement-Discouragement phenomenon, Discouragement and the Goals of Misbehavior, Natural and Logical Consequences and the different Strategies to Redirect Misbehavior. The different aspects in family that lead to problem behaviour in children were analyzed. Towards the end, several Behaviour Mangement methods were discussed and its usefulness evaluated.



On 17th February, 2017, RCBSR conducted a National Psychology Fest, with participation of psychology students from various states across the nation. Eight events were hosted for the fest. The events included, Mandala or sociofaces, Psychokinetics or Synchrodance, Impromptu or extempore, Catharsis or Debate, Stimulus Response or Word Salad, Anamneis or Memory Games and Psychopedia or Quiz.