Frequently Asked Questions


1.What makes B.Com/BBA in RCSS different?

RCSS, School of Commerce is one of the leading college in Kerala to have

  • Dedicated professionally qualified faculty team
  • MoU with ACCA, UK
  • International exchange programs with partner universiti
  • Simulation exercise as a part of learning process
  • Placement and career guidance cell
  • Outbound training
  • National level sports and cultural events


2. Are there co-curricular activities, outbound programs and Industry visits apart from the regular curriculum teaching?

AT RCSS, we firmly believe on holistic development of a student. Hence, along with academics there is a balance of extracurricular activities including sports and cultural events. The following are the flagship events hosted by the college

  1.  Splendore – 2 day college fest
  2.  Young Indians – an association which focuses on student enrichment
  3.  Kalypso – 2 days out bound training
  4.  Simulation workshop
  5.  Edlight – Business Presentation Competition
  6.  Industry Visits

There are different clubs which are managed and run by the students namely finance club, environment club, arts club, sports club, social club etc.


3. What are college timings?

For B.Com Model 1 FT and Model 2 FT, the college timings are from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

For B.Com Model 1 CA and BBA, the college timings are from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.


4. What is the difference between Model 1 Finance and Taxation and Model 2 Finance and Taxation?

  •  Model 1 F & T is the existing university syllabi. The students under this model will be offered CA as an add-on course.
  •  Model 2 F & T has got global perspective as it has been integrated with the ACCA, UK program. The sequencing and contents of papers is aligned with the ACCA program in Model 2 Finance and Taxation.


5. How can we regularly monitor our wards progress?

The college ERP system called FEDENA gives an online access to all parents where they can be updated regarding the

a. Internal score sheets

b. Attendance


6. Is there any difference in fee structure for merit and management seat?

There is no distinction between merit and management seat.




7. Why are Add on courses being offered with B.Com / BBA? Are they mandatory?

a) Along with 3 years of B.Com, the students get the opportunity to enhance their professional skills at international and national standards. This ensures that they are on the career path from Day 1 and keep moving ahead along with their under graduation.

b) Add-on is the crucial building block for competency and success which routes the students to join industry, be an entrepreneur or pursue higher studies

To meet the above two objectives, each of the B.Com/BBA program has been mapped with specific add-ons which are spread over the entire 3 year degree program. Willingness to take up specific mapped add-on courses is expected from every B.Com/BBA aspirant.


8. Can add-on be changed during the course of B.Com/BBA? If yes, will the fees be refunded in case of change of add-on?

In order to create awareness and to help you to select the add-on, we shall be organising a series of orientation programs. The dates and communication for the same shall be given separately. This will help you to take informed decisions.

Since the students are mapped to a particular batch with respective add-ons, any change will lead to changing of B.Com model. Hence, shifting of add-on will not be possible.

Secondly, each batch shall be advancing to the next level which will be tough for a student to cope up if he/she changes the add-on.

Hence, we shall not encourage shifting of add-ons. On the basis of above two points, we do not anticipate any refunds.


9. How students will manage B.Com/ BBA and add on course together?

  • The add-on courses have been structured and mapped with suitable B.Com / BBA model.
  • The add-on courses are offered within the college timings which helps proper blending of the two.


10. Which is a better course-CA or ACCA, UK?

Although both the courses are related with accounting and finance professional, it majorly depends on the future plans of the candidate. There are equal job opportunities for both the professions, but in India only CAs have the signing authority.


11. Which course is more rigorous, CA or ACCA, UK?

Both the courses are equally rigorous to prepare the candidate as accounting professionals. The major difference is the examination flexibility. CA examinations are conducted with group of papers at different levels – Foundation, Intermediate and Final. In ACCA, students have options to write one or more paper in a sitting.


12. What is the timing of Add on courses?

For B.Com Model 1 FT and Model 2 FT – 08:00 AM to 10:40 AM

For B.Com Model 1 CA and BBA, add-on shall be offered as weekly course spread over the semester.




13. How will the exemptions model for ACCA make them Industry ready?

There shall be top up classes for the exempted papers to ensure that students possess the necessary knowledge and competency.


14. How many papers exemption can a student of RCSS – B.Com Model 2 F & T claim?

B.Com Model 2 F & T has got 9 papers exemption.


15. What are the job opportunities for ACCA? How will RCSS assist the ACCA students?

ACCA qualified professionals have global job opportunities in the field of accounting and finance. Main employers in India for ACCA are big four - Earnest and Young, Deloitte, KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers. In addition, there are ample opportunities in industry both at national and international levels. As we have MoU signed with ACCA, UK, we shall be having access to ACCA global employers and their job listing portal. We shall also be organising campus drive in collaboration with ACCA, UK for the qualified students.


16. Can ACCA qualified professionals practice in India?

As per the existing regulations, ACCA qualified professionals cannot practice in India and cannot be the authorised signatories for financial statement in India. The accounting and auditing profession is regulated by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) as the national professional accounting body of India. Members of ICAI are the authorised signatories for financial statements in India.




17. Will a student be able to complete entire CA in RCSS?

During the 3 years of B.Com, classes shall be offered for Foundation, Intermediate Group 1 and 2. The students can continue their article ship and CA Final preparations after the completion of B.Com.


18. What if a student does not pass the CA Examination?

Pursuing a professional course is a matter of commitment and perseverance. Hence, as a policy, we shall be offering the classes as a continuing knowledge and skill development. Students who for any reason are not able to succeed in any exam, shall be attending the classes for the next level but shall be supported and guided for re-examination. This indeed has to be strongly backed by self-motivated and self-disciplined student support.


19. Will the student be able to start article ship along with B.Com?

As per the ICAI regulations, the students are eligible for undergoing article ship after clearing either or both groups of intermediate examination. In our structured add-on program, they will be completing the intermediate exams during their 4th Semester of B.Com. But in order to meet the University requirements, the students will have to attend the B.Com classes and will not be able to join any articles.




20. What are the benefits of taking up certification courses?

  • FROM JOB PERSPECTIVE The certification offered with B.Com are bundle of different essential skills sets which will enhance the student proficiency. They range from the field of Finance, IT and soft skills and endorse their candidature during job interviews.
  • FROM INDIVIDUAL PERSPECTIVE: The students shall be able to identify their covert skills and harness them towards excellence.




21. What are the entrance exams offered in aptitude coaching?

Aptitude coaching is preparation for management entrance examinations like CAT, MAT, KMAT, CMAT. It also focuses on job based examinations like banking.




22. Are there placement programs for the students in RCSS?

At RCSS, we have a dedicated team for the career guidance and placement services. We not only bring best companies to the campus, but ensure that our students develop industry specific skill sets.

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