Rajagiri Centre for Behavioural Science and Research

Vision: Be a center for mental health services and training mental health professionals.

Mission : Our mission is to train mental health professionals, to carry out researches relevant for growth of discipline and to serve mental health needs of the community.    


The Rajagiri College of Social Sciences started the Rajagiri Centre for behavioural science and Research (RCBSR) in September 2016. This centre provides high quality undergraduate and post graduate education with a curriculum focused on the science of Brain and Behaviour and its application. This program has three distinct sections,

  1. Academic programs: It includes B. Sc Psychology, M. Sc Clinical Psychology and certificate programs.
  2. Consultancy Services: Consultancy focuses on areas with multi-dextrous experts in the fields of psychology. The services rendered are open to individuals who require psychological support.
  3. Research: The domain of research undertakes projects for contributing to the existing literature of psychology.

The Department has psychologists and academicians striving to its continuous success. The students are trained in such a way that they are well equipped with the knowledge and methods that will place them at the forefront of progress in the various psychological disciplines, within the country and abroad.

Alongwith the entire faculty of Rajagiri Centre for Behavioural Science and Research, we welcome you!