Department of Life Sciences


Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, with its potential resources like academic stalwarts, excellent infrastructure and innovative futuristic outlook, is planning to leap towards the domain of Science and Technology by starting a new Department named, School of Life Sciences.

Areas covered under the proposed School of Life Sciences:

Subjects like Bio-technology, Microbiology, Acarology, Bio-chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Environmental Sciences, etc., will come under the domain of the School.


  1. To start new generation courses having international relevance.
  2. To promote multi-disciplinary research works leading to international publications.
  3. Developing and patenting of innovative products, processes and technologies having contemporary social relevance.
  4. To launch need-based Projects with the support of various funding agencies.
  5. To conduct experimentations, observations and evaluations relating to Science and Technology.
  6. To impart participatory training programmes, related to Life Sciences.
  7. To develop and popularise Value-added products having nutritional, therapeutic and cosmetic applications.