Doctoral Degree Awarded 2007-2013


Name of the Guide : Rev. Fr. Jose Alex
Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Topic Order
1 Dr.Fr. Johnson X. Palakkappillil Dalits of Syrian Catholic Church in Keralam 2008
2 Dr. Asha P. Rao Pedagogic interventions on sex and sexuality - a study among adolescent school children 2009
3 Dr. Charles L Health status and health care system among the fisher folk in kerala 2012
4 Dr. Fr. Joseph M.K Village milk co-operatives in Kerala 2012
Name of the Guide : Dr. Fr. Varghese K. V
1 Dr. Deepa Rasheed Effectiveness of law and order in protecting the women victims of Domestic Violence 2009
2 Dr. Sr. Soona A Psycho-Educational Approach for the Modification of Alcohol Expectancies among the Adolescents’ 2013
Name of the Guide :Dr. Mary Venus Joseph
1 Dr. Jilly John Child rearing practices of urban families of Kerala 2010
2 Dr. Sheeja Remani B Karalam Psychosocial well-being of adolescent girls: impact of social work intervention strategies with mothers of adolescent girls 2011
3 Dr. Giji George Unwed Mothers Residing in the Licensed Homes in Kerala 2012
Name of the Guide :Dr.Sr. Kochuthresia
1 Dr. Sr. Lizy P.j  A study of Adoptive Families in Kerala 2010


Name of the Guide : Dr. Celine Sunny
Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Topic Order
1 Vithayathil Norvy Paul Development - Induced Displacement and Social Disarticulation of the Displaced people of Kerala with Special Reference to Kochi International Airport 2012


Name of the Guide : Dr. Mathew J. Manimala
Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Topic Order
1 Dr. Dipu Varghese A study on the personality traits of retain entrepreneurs of Kerala 2012
2 Dr. Sunita Panicker Successful Turnaround Strategies: A comparison between Public and Private Sector Organisations in Karnataka 2012
3 Dr. Bindu S. Nair Demographic Correlates of Work Motivation : A comparative study of the IT (software) and Non-IT industries of Kerala and Karnataka 2012
Name of the Guide : Dr. Mukunda Das  
  Chandramohan Asan A study of brand life cycle of selected tourism products in India 2009
  Sreedharan N.V Impact of Literature on Advertising effectiveness in the visual media 2009
  Bala Krishnan N.C Marketing Approach to Public Road Transport Management 2009
  Shobana G Stress Management & Leadership styles of Executives - A study of the Corporate Sector 2011
Name of the guide : Dr. James Thomas Kunnanath
  Dr Surekha Rachel Zacharia "Personality types and Managerial Performance” An enquiry into the nature of their relationships 2007