Dr. M.K. Joseph CMI

Ph.D, Associate Professor, Head of Department

Department of Social Work



He is a post graduate in Social Work from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam and secured PhD in Social Work on the topic “Village Milk Co-operatives in Kerala” from the same university in the year 2012. His teaching and research interests are in the area of community development and social entrepreneurship. His major interests’ lies in developing partnerships for civil society organizations and rural producer organizations with governmental as well as other resource systems in addressing issues related to sustainable development.

Educational Qualification

  • PhD (Social Work), Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
  • M.Phil ( Education), PRIST Univerity,Thanjavur
  • MSW Community Development) Mahatma Gandhi Univeristy,Kottayam
  • MA ( Sociology) Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
  • MS( Education Management) Alagappa University, Karaikudi

Work experience (Teaching / Industry / Research)

  • Assistant Professor, Dept. of Social Work (MSW) Rajagiri College : 2001 onwards.
  • MSW Course Coordinator :2002-2008
  • Rajagiri Out-reach Services Chief Coordinator :2002-2008
  • Coordinator: Extension Services :2001-2006
  • Hostel Warden : 2001-2006

Research Projects / Consultancy / Training / MDP conducted

  • A Study on Community engagement of Arts and Sciences Colleges in Kerala sponsored by Kerala Higher Education Council, Govt. of Kerala : 2004-15 (ongoing )
  • Minor Research project: “A study on the management practices of NGOs In Ernakulum sponsored by UGC, New Delhi : 2008-2009
  • Propagation of Technologies for Water conservation and Waste disposal through Women Groups sponsored by DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology, GOI. (2007)
  • A study on “Solid Waste Management through Participatory Approach” sponsored by ICSSR, Delhi (2006)

Publication (Book / Article / Case )


  1. Social Protection Initiatives in the Diary Cooperative Sector in Kerala. Indian Cooperative Review Vol. 53 No.2 pp. 126-140.National Cooperative Union of India New Delhi
  2. Know your neighbourhood: An innovative programme in the fieldwork practicum of social work education (Rajagiri Journal of Social Development,Vol.6,No.2, Dec 2014)
  3. “Organ Donation Movement in Kerala: An Emerging Community Practice Model for Progressive Change in Public Health Scenario”, Dyuti 2013 International conference on global public health and social Work. Bonfring, Coimbatore 2013(ISBN 978-93-82338-40-6)
  4. “Balapanchayat Under Kudumbashree in Kerala”, Rajagiri Journal of Social Development Vol.5 2,Dec 2013 ISSN 0973- 3086

Book Reviews

  1. “Community Practice Skills: Local to Global Perspectives”, Dorothy G. Gamble and Marie Weil,2010,New York, Columbia University Press,ISBN 978-0-231-11003-7 pp xiv+482, Rajagiri Journal of Social Development Vol.5 Nos1&2,June 2013
  2. “Sustainable Food Security “, P.K Jain,B.S Hansra, K.S Chakraborty and Jayashree M.Kurup (eds.),2010,New Delhi, Mittal Publications, ISBN 81-8324-356-8.pp.xxii+401, Rajagiri Journal of Social Development Vol.3,Nos1&2,December 2011

Paper Presentations

  1. Voluntary Executives of Kudumbashree(VEK): An emerging community practice model for social work students’ Intervention in governmental initiatives for poverty eradication,Dept of Social Work, Bharathiar Universtiy,Coimbatore 8&9 March 2013
  2. Know Your Neighborhood Program - An innovative practice in Field Work IGNOU& Central University, Kasaragod, 28-31 Jan 2013
  3. Organ Donation Movement in Kerala, Rajagiri College, Dyuti-2013 3-5 Jan2013
  4. Social Protection Initiatives in Dairy Sector in Kerala,Marian College, Kuttikanam, 12-15 Dec2012
  5. Natural Resource Management through Community Participation Vijnana Bharati,MP council of S&T, Rajeev Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal, 23-25, Nov 2007
  6. Women’s Role in Environment Management – A Case study of Ernakulum District, Indian Environmental Society, Goa, 23-25, Aug 2007

Seminar / Workshop / Refresher / Training programs Organized

  1. Training programme for the staff of Agriculture organic farming Group (AOFG-India) for capacity building and promotion of farmers Group, 2007-2008
  2. 20 days Comprehensive Training Programme on Social Work for Para- Professional, Rajagiri, 2004-2008
  3. Distance Learning Programme in Social Work for grass root workers, Rajagiri, 2004-2008
  4. Karma’04- Youth Empowerment camp at Puthusserymala village (Kalamassery) sponsored by Kerala State Social Welfare Advisory Board, 2004
  5. Promotion of Ferro cement Technology: Fresh recruiters and Skilled masons Training programme at Rajagiri sponsored by Kerala Rural Water Sanitation Agency, 2004
  6. Field Action Projects –Team leader (2002-2008): Day care and tuition centres for children of coastal villages of Ernakulum and Alleppey Districts
  7. Co-organizer/Chaired session at Dyuti (Development Yearning for united and Transformed India) National/international conference of the Dept of social work, Rajagiri College in the years 2005,2011,2012,2013,2014
  8. Team Member in the Evaluation group of “Integrated programme for Street children” run by NGOs for Childline India foundation, 2002, 2003
  9. Student Organizer - All Kerala Seminar on Social Work Intervention in Schools, 6th Oct 2000

Seminar / Workshop / Refresher / Training programs Attended

  1. UGC Refresher course in Women Studies , Academic Staff College, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, October,2015
  2. UGC Refresher course in Summer School, Academic Staff College, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, March,2014
  3. NGO-Academia Interface: State level work shop at Cross Roads- Emerging Paradigms, Loyola College, Trivandrum , 23rd Aug 2013
  4. Using Internet for Applied Development Research Centre for Development studies(CDS), Trivandrum 29-31 May,2013
  5. Social and Legal Research: Concepts, Methods and Skills Government Law College, Ernakulum, 24&25 March 2013
  6. Leading Schools, SH College, Thevara, 6th Sept. 2012
  7. Information Delivery Systems for Academic and Research institutions, ICFOSS, Techno park &CDS, Trivandrum, 11-13 July 2013
  8. 5. Social and Legal Research: Concepts, Methods and Skills Government Law College, Ernakulum, 24&25 March 2013 6. Leading Schools, SH College, Thevara, 6th Sept. 2012
  9. Research Methodology and Statistics, Inter University Centre for Disability Studies(IUCDS), MG University, Kottayam ,13th Sept-17th Sept 2011
  10. Certificate Course in Methods and Applications in Social Science, Research Institute for Social And Economic Change(ISEC), Bangalore, Feb15th-March 11th 2010
  11. Developing Leadership skills for Professional and Personal Effectiveness ,FICCI Ladies organization and The Chamber of Commerce, Trivandrum ,Feb2-3, 2010
  12. Development Education:21st Century Paradigms for Teachers , Department of Education, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, October 30-31,2009
  13. Intellectual property- Scientific progress and access to benefits of sciences- Human rights Perspectives ,Department of Law, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, Aug 20-22, 2009
  14. UGC Refresher course in Human Rights , Academic Staff College, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, Aug 8-29,2009
  15. Zero Budget Natural Farming , Malankara Social Service Society, Trivandrum , 31st Dec-2008-2nd Jan2009
  16. Teachers Training Programme in Community Colleges , Indian centre for Research and Development of Community Education(ICRDCE), Chennai, Nov.10-15, 2008
  17. The Relevance of Community Colleges in the Kerala Scenario, Archbishop Powathil Assumption Community College, Changancherry , Nov 1st,2008
  18. Statistical software for Data Analysis , Norma, Trivandrum, Aug 18-22, 2008
  19. Participatory Panchayats(Micro Planning) Indian Environmental Society, Trivandrum, 9&10,Aug, 2008
  20. UGC Orientation Programme(IT-Oriented) , Academic Staff College, University of Kerala, 21st July-17th Aug 2007
  21. Project Planning using LFA/OOIP, Karl Kubel Institute for Development Education , 24-27 April 2007
  22. Ethnic Tourism Kerala Institute of tourism and travel studies,(Ministry of Tourism, GoK), 9-11 February 2007
  23. International conference on Strength Based Strategies (SBS), Brisbane Institute of strengths based practices (Aus0& Sanghamitra, Hyderabad 10- 12 November 2006
  24. Research Methods and Multivariate Analysis for Decision Making Business School, VIT, Vellore , 10-11 March 2006
  25. World Peace & Social Work Education: International conference on social work], Rajagiri College, Kalamassery, 10-12 Jan 2005
  26. Research Methodology Research Institute, Rajagiri College , 23-30 May 2003
  27. Intensive Training workshop in Participatory Approaches, Research and community based planning , Planet Kerala( Participatory Learning and action network-Kerala, Trivandrum, 15-22 Dec. 2002
  28. Data base of the Kerala Economy, Institute of small Enterprise and development, Kochi, 14Aug 2002
  29. Effective Microorganisms: Wealth from Waste, Amrita Institute of Management, Coimbatore, 9th Dec. 2002
  30. Popular Theatre and Development Communication, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences,14-16 Jan 2000

Professional membership

  1. Indian Council of Social Welfare(ICSW) - Life Member (2004)
  2. 2 Prison Ministry India, Bangalore - Life Member (2005)