Anil John

MSW, Assistant Professor

Department of Social Work


Post graduate in Social Work with specialization in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work from Christ University, Bangalore. He was awarded as one of the best NSS programme Officers in MG University in the year 2015-2016. Areas of interest are Disaster Management, Human Recourse Management, Pediatric Oncology and Life Skill Education.

Educational Qualification

  • Qualified UGC-NET (2011).
  • MSW (Clinical Social Work), Christ University, Bangalore
  • B. A Sociology, University of Calicut.
  • B. Philosophy, Don Bosco College, Aluva

Work experience (Teaching / Industry / Research)

Teaching Experience

  • Worked as instructor in Social Studies at Don Bosco Royal I.T.I, K.G.F (Kolar Gold Fields) for the academic year 2008-2010.

Field Experience

  • Volunteer in the street children project of Don Bosco Snehabhavan, Kochi.
  • Research Assistant in “Evaluation study of the ‘Ujjawala Scheme’ for the Prevention of trafficking, Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-integration of Victim of Trafficking in Karnataka State, at Christ University, Bangalore.

Consultancy / Training

  • Team Animator for the Youth Camps organized by IYDC (Integrated Youth Development Centre) at Don Bosco, Vaduthala, Kochi for the catholic youth of Varapoli Diocese in 2006.
  • Audio-video productions on relevant issues.

Professional membership / certification

  • Life Member of Association of Schools of Social Work in Kerala (ASSK).
  • Life Member of Kerala Association of Professional Social workers (KAPS).

Publication (Book / Article / Case) / Paper Presentations

  • Published a paper titled “Life Situation of Parents of Children with Cancer in Kerala”, in Rajagiri Journal of Social Development in June 2018.
  • Contributed a chapter titled Ageing and Spirituality in the Book Pathways to Healthy Ageing: A Social Work Perspectives in January 2017.
  • Presented a paper titled “Re-socialization and Quality of Life among Elderly” in DYUTI 2017 – International Conference on Healthy Ageing and mental Health on January 2017.
  • Published a paper titled "Elder Self Help Groups and the Well - Being of the Aged" in the International Scientific E-Congress on European and Global Contexts of Social Changes in Society organized by Catholic University in Ruzomberok, Slovakia, November 18 - 26, 2015.
  • Presented a paper titled “Contribution of Senior Citizens to Elder Self Help Groups and their Well-being in DYUTI 2015 – International Symposium on Evidences in Global Mental Health held in January 2015.
  • Presented a paper titled “A Comparative Study on Knowledge and Stigma about Electro-Convulsive Therapy among Caregivers of Mentally ill Patients and Community” at the International Conference on Social Work Practice in Mental Health held at DIST, Angamaly on December 2014.
  • Published a book review of Society and Social Justice: A Nexus in Review. Brij Mohan, 2012, Bloomington, iUniverse. ISBN:978-1-4759—0796-4(sc)pp.xx+102, Rajagiri Journal of Social Development, June 2014.
  • Presented and published a paper titled “Perception of Community about Janamaithri Suraksha Project with special reference to Thevara Police Station Limit” in the National Conference, DYUTI-2014 at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences in January 2014.
  • Presented and published a paper titled “Occupational problems in the Toddy Tapping industry in Kerala” in the National Conference, DYUTI-2014 at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences in January 2014.
  • Presented and published a paper titled “The Life Situation and Family Burden of Parents of Children with Malignant Neoplasm in Bangalore in the International Conference, DYUTI-2013 at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences in January 2013.
  • Presented and published a paper titled “The Role of Scouts and Guides in Disaster Management” in the UGC sponsored National Conference held at Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur in February 2012. (ISBN- 978-81-921601-2-2).
  • Awarded best interdisciplinary research paper for the presentation done in Annual Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Social Realities; Empirical Evidences of Challenges and Opportunities of People in Bangalore, held at Christ University in February 2012.
  • Paper presentation on Contemporary Philosophy and Ideologies and published this article in the College Magazine of Don Bosco College, Aluva in 2008.

Seminar / workshop attended

  • Personal Growth and creativity workshop OMNI Cultural Society, Kavalangad, 1998.
  • Basic course for Scout Masters - The Kerala State Bharath Scouts and Guides, Palode 2007.
  • Dewey Decimal Library Classification System, Don Bosco College, Alwaye, 2008.
  • Personal Effectiveness Learning Laboratory and Train the Trainees - Nettur Technical Training Foundation, Bangalore, 2009.
  • Human Resource Management - Department of Management Studies, Christ University, Bangalore, 2011.
  • General systems and Family Therapy; Theory and Practice - Department of Social Work, Christ University, Bangalore, 2012.
  • NGO Administration- Department of Social Work, Christ University, Bangalore – 2012.
  • Effective Teaching Skills for College Teachers, Christ University Nodal Office, Trivandrum, January 2014.
  • UGC-Sponsored National Workshop on Research Methodology for Academic Research on February 2014.
  • Seminar on Successful Autonomous Colleges in India on June 2014.
  • UGC Sponsored two days Seminar on Recent Trends in Professional Social Work – Service, Training and Research on September 2014.
  • Orientation course for the Programme officers of the National Service Scheme on November 2014.
  • National Seminar on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A Scaling force for Social Change held at DIST Angamaly, on November 2015.
  • Yoga training organized by Centre for Yoga and Naturopathy and National Service Scheme of M. G. University, Kottayam on May 2016.

Conferences/ Seminar / workshop Organized

  • National Conference, DYUTI-2014 at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences in January 2014.
  • International Conference, DYUTI-2013 at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences in January 2013.
  • Organizing committee member of DYUTI National Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and Children (2016) held at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences.
  • Organizing committee member of DYUTI International Conference on International Symposium on Global Mental Health (2015), and Healthy Ageing and Mental Health (2017) held at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences.

Presentation done in the Rajagiri Faculty Council

  • Article Presentation on the global agenda for social work and social development: a place to link together and be effective in a globalized world.
  • Article Presentation on Food Security and Nutrition in Kerala: An Exploratory Approach.
  • Article Presentation on Examining the Digital Story Created by an Adolescent with Cancer: Insights and Ideas from a Case Story
  • Article Presentation on Employment Situation of Parents of Long-Term Childhood Cancer Survivors.

Area of interest (Teaching / Research)


  • Administration of Social welfare agencies
  • Disaster Management
  • Environmental Social Work
  • Geriatric Social Work
  • Human Resource Management
  • Oncology Social Work
  • Psychiatric Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Social work Education
  • Social Work Practice
  • Sociology
  • Tribal Welfare


  • Role of Scouts and Guides in Disaster Management.
  • Life Situations of the Parents of the children with Cancer.
  • Family Intervention for the Well-being of Children with Cancer.

Research projects

  • Perceived Social Support and Coping Strategies adopted by Parents of Children with Cancer. (UGC Minor Research Grant for the period 2016 - 2018).