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Drawing inspiration from the founder, St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara, a great visionary, reformer and religious leader of the 19th century, the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) were the first indigenous religious congregation for men in India. The CMI have dedicated themselves to education at all levels. At present, their mission of education comprises a vast network of 448 institutions - including over 200 schools, 14 university affiliated colleges, 1 engineering college, 12 technical institutes, 1 university, 1 medical college, 3 B.Ed. colleges, 5 special schools, 18 non-formal educational institutions and 17 cultural centres spread all over India and beyond.


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" Rajagiri has given me the most valuable skill that has helped me so far- It`s called Confidence. Of Course the top Class facilities and Faculty deserves special mention. The High Quality Industry Expert Panel that the college arranges for the students helped immensely to gain a practical (real-world) exposure. No Wonder Rajagirians are successful across various industries and disciplines. Proud to be a Rajagirian ".

Shabeer Mohamed K (Rajagiri MBA 1996-1998)
Country Manager - Software Subscription and Support, IBM India

" Rajagiri is an institution that continues to provide a wonderful but different learning and life experience to its students.For a large majority the time spent as student is truly transformational, at personal level and the way one looks at organizations beyond the bottom line.The uniqueness stems from the pedagogical approach that combines science of management with application orientation, allowing students space to question, think and innovate. The environment nurtured inclusiveness and taught students to be agile when they enter the workforce. The college has defenitely shaped the thinking of organizations across the globe, through alumni who occupy positions of influence and the academic extention activities it undertakes for various societal groups and organizations.The leadership and faculty team at Rajagiri continue to be source of inspiration to many who walked the corridors. "

Prof. Biju Varkey
Faculty, IIM Ahmedabad

" Looking back I owe a lot to this fantastic institution Rajagiri for all the fundamental conceptual strength that rajagiri has helped me pick.I think the key differentiator for rajagiri has been the amount of focus on social networking, being able to build social awareness, the focus on co curricular activities and the amount of Industry exposure Rajagiri has given concurrently with the education. "

Narayanan Nair
Sr. Vice President and Head - International HR, Mphasis

" When a lot of my friends chose to do their MA in Economics, History, and other Social Sciences, I decided to go for Management Programme at Rajagiri knowing that it is a road less travelled. The programme gave me a lot of confidence, an entirely different perspective to life.The is where i learnt my basics of handling people, Human Resource Management. Dedicated Faculty, excellent facilities, good student body, all that made my stay at Rajagiri truly memorable and enjoyable. "

Ninan Thariyan
CEO, Daily Thanthi

"The uniqueness in imparting learning from real life situations will enable the students to contribute from day one of taking up a job. The course curriculam is very relavant to the requirements of the industry"

Issac Varghese
Leader- People&Organisation, EY

" What stands out in the mind about the days in Rajagiri is the opportunity I got for balanced all round development. To top it the college gave immense opportunity to take up leadership opportunities to hone skills and develop empathy through volunteering opportunities.When I reflect back, the way we were organized those years really represented a microcosm of a very collaborative large team with mentors and guides available to us round the clock.Personally for me I was fortunate to get the opportunity to take up active role in the college union as the Chairman, Arts Club secretary etc. and these experiences helped me later in the organizations as I worked with or led diverse teams.The community life of the college is something which is distinctly unique and even after 25 years I feel I could fall back and speak to my professors and mentors anytime I need some help. "

Director HR-Microsoft India


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