Bi-Annual Meets

Bi-Annual Meets

  • Bi-Annual meeting of the Ph.D. Guides is organized to review the progress of the Research scholars under their guidance to make necessary suggestions for the development of the research quality.
  • Bi-Annual Research Scholars Meeting is convened for all the Scholars to Monitor their progress.
  • The second half of the Bi Annual Meeting would be Orientation Sessions by Expert Resource Persons on related topics.
  • Compulsory Research Methodology course is organized for fresh applicants just before the Bi Annual Sessions which is held on a second Saturday before the last date of Registration of M.G. University PhD Application.
  • Bi Annual Meets: Following is the attendance list of the Guides and Scholars in the Bi Annual Meets from 1999. 


Bi-Annual Research Guides’ Meet


The Centre organizes bi-annual meeting of all the guides in Social work, Management and Social Sciences to review the progress of the research scholars under their guidance and make necessary suggestions.


Bi-Annual Research Scholars’ Meet


It is convened bi-annually under intimation to all the scholars who have received their approval from the University, to monitor their progress in research. The supervising guides are present during the Research Scholars’ meeting. The scholars nearing the submission of their thesis are given an opportunity to make a formal presentation of their research. It is compulsory for all the scholars to attend this meeting and those who are not in a position to attend these meetings are expected to intimate the Head of the Centre in writing.


  • Bi-annual meets held during the last 5 years
Date Number of scholars present
14-07-2007 32
 09-02-2008 31
12-07-2008 24
15-01-2009 23
11-07-2009 23
17-07-2010 22
 02-07-2011 15
11-08-2012 11
09-02-2013 18
  • Technical Sessions during Bi-annual meets
Date Resource person Topic
17th July 2010 Prof. Jacob Aikara, Publication Division, Rajagiri College Review of Article
2nd July 2011 Dr. Baby M.D., Head, School Library & Information Science Enhancing Research skills
11th August 2012 Dr. Sam Thomas, School of Management Studies, CUSAT Data analysis in Social Science Research
9th February 2013 Dr. Thomas O’Hare, Associate Professor, Boston College, Massachusetts
and Dr. Margaret V. Sherrer, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology & Human Services, Lyndon State College, USA
Critical Aspects of Research in Social Sciences