Turning Point


Turning Point is a six day worksjop intended for identifying capacitites of each student, make each of them fix a goal according to their capacitiesand then to program a plan for reaching the goal. It is also intended to develop the inter/intra personal relationship of individuals and to build up their confidence, making them comfortable while facing the public, attending interviews/ group discussions etc. The turning point consists hands-on sessions of ice breaking sessions, conquering inhibitions, group dynamics, team building approaching exams, problem solving, creativity, memory management, effective communication, group discussions etc.


MPOWER – MPOWER aims at the overall development of individuals through blended and supervised learning methods ensuring that learners of all capabilities and styles participate and learn to their fullest potential. To facilitate learning and retention, the following methodologies of presentations, group activities, games, theatre based experiential learning, role plays, quizzes, video, psychometric tools etc. are used.