Clubs and Fora

ACSR-Association of Commerce Students of Rajagiri

The ACSR provides an opportunity to exhibit the variegated talents of the commerce students and to enhance their soft skills. The social responsibility and social commitment of the students are prioritized in this extra curricular platform. The association focuses on the all-round personal development of each student as he/she leaves the institution with academic excellenc.


Career Guidance Club

Realizing the needs of the fast changing world and the opportunities thus created for the students, the college has set up a Career Club. The main aim of the Career Club is to provide an opportunity for defining the future of a student’s life. It helps to enhance leadership skills and to establish ambitious mind among the students.


Rural Outreach

The aim of the Outreach Program is to increase access to medical and allied health information for people living in regional and remote towns in both rural and urban locations. This club provides services to anyone who might not otherwise have access to such services.


Nature Club

Nature club is devoted to spreading awareness and shedding light on various environmental issues. To discourage practices against environment protection, the nature club takes great efforts in reaching out to the students in the college with environment campaign. The activities are designed by giving special emphasis to protection of our mother nature.


Speakers Forum

Speakers Forum is an interactive association specially meant for developing the presentation skills of the students. It provides the students various opportunities to present themselves before an audience and improve their presentation and communication skills. This programme includes speech, GD, mock press etc.


Cultural Club

Cultural club tries to provide a platform to students to showcase their talents and skills. The club also tries to identify and encourage talents in students.


Entrepreneurship Development Cell

ED Cell organizes events to provide students with business insights and entrepreneurship models to develop the entrepreneurial skills and values among students. ED Cell will help those keenly interested in start-up venture in networking and with mentoring sessions.


Value Added Programmes

Value added programmes are extra-academic programs, enabling students to acquire additional qualifications along with their regular academic program. Value added programmes are introduced in the curriculum of the Rajagiri School of Commerce (RCSS) to improve the professional skills of the students. The main highlights are:

  • Better understanding of the opportunities of commerce
  • Enabling the students to gain an edge over other B.Com graduates
  • Imparting a professional calibre to the programme.

Accordingly, sessions are conducted by resource persons from relevant sectors, mainly CIMA, ACCA, Logistics, MBA preparatory, Insurance and Banking. Students are sorted into different batches based on their academic records and language and accountancy skills and preference.


Student IQAC

The student IQAC of School of Commerce was formed on August 2015 (1st Semester 2015-18 batch) with the intention of quality assurance at the class room level. The specific objectives are as follows:

  1. To develop student plans for the year with respect to curricular and non curricular activities.
  2. To encourage student leadership initiatives.
  3. To manage student activities systematically and efficiently.

The constitution of Student IQAC

Each class will divided into 7 (seven) groups of 6-8 members and each groups will have a group leader. This grouping system ensures the involvement of all students in class room decision making. The members of core committee of IQAC are:

  1. Group Leaders
  2. Class Prefects
  3. Student Committee Leaders
  4. Staff Advisor