Doctoral Degree Awarded 2007-2013


Name of the Guide : Rev. Fr. Jose Alex
Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Topic Order
1 Dr.Fr. Johnson X. Palakkappillil Dalits of Syrian Catholic Church in Keralam 2008
2 Dr. Asha P. Rao Pedagogic interventions on sex and sexuality - a study among adolescent school children 2009
3 Dr. Charles L Health status and health care system among the fisher folk in kerala 2012
4 Dr. Fr. Joseph M.K Village milk co-operatives in Kerala 2012
Name of the Guide : Dr. Fr. Varghese K. V
1 Dr. Deepa Rasheed Effectiveness of law and order in protecting the women victims of Domestic Violence 2009
2 Dr. Sr. Soona A Psycho-Educational Approach for the Modification of Alcohol Expectancies among the Adolescents’ 2013
Name of the Guide :Dr. Mary Venus Joseph
1 Dr. Jilly John rearing practices of urban families of Kerala 2010
2 Dr. Sheeja Remani B Karalam Psychosocial well-being of adolescent girls: impact of social work intervention strategies with mothers of adolescent girls 2011
3 Dr. Giji George Unwed Mothers Residing in the Licensed Homes in Kerala 2012
Name of the Guide :Dr.Sr. Kochuthresia
1 Dr. Sr. Lizy P.j A study of Adoptive Families in Kerala 2010


Name of the Guide : Dr. Celine Sunny
Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Topic Order
1 Vithayathil Norvy Paul Development - Induced Displacement and Social Disarticulation of the Displaced people of Kerala with Special Reference to Kochi International Airport 2012


Name of the Guide : Dr. Mathew J. Manimala
Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Topic Order
1 Dr. Dipu Varghese A study on the personality traits of retain entrepreneurs of Kerala 2012
2 Dr. Sunita Panicker Successful Turnaround Strategies: A comparison between Public and Private Sector Organisations in Karnataka 2012
3 Dr. Bindu S. Nair Demographic Correlates of Work Motivation : A comparative study of the IT (software) and Non-IT industries of Kerala and Karnataka 2012
Name of the Guide : Dr. Mukunda Das  
1 Chandramohan Asan A study of brand life cycle of selected tourism products in India 2009
2 Sreedharan N.V Impact of Literature on Advertising effectiveness in the visual media 2009
3 Bala Krishnan N.C Marketing Approach to Public Road Transport Management 2009
4 Shobana G Stress Management & Leadership styles of Executives - A study of the Corporate Sector 2011
Name of the guide : Dr. James Thomas Kunnanath
1 Dr Surekha Rachel Zacharia Personality types and Managerial Performance” An enquiry into the nature of their relationships 2007