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Rev. Fr. Jose Alex CMI

MSW (Community Development

Reg. No: AC.AII- 3/170/88-89 dt. 8.12.1989


Graduated from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Fr. Alex has served Rajagiri as a Post Graduate teacher for 23 years and as a Principal for 13 years. Presently, he is the irector of Rajagiri Institutions (Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery, Rajagiri School of Management, Kakkanad, Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, Kakkanad and Rajagiri International School of Education and Research). He is the Recognised Research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University for Doctoral Research in Social Work for the last fifteen years.


Ph: 2541727, 2426725(O)

Mob: +09846039213


Udaya Mahadevan


MA (SW), Ph.D (Social Work)

Reg. No: AC.AII - 3/1884/90 dt. 31-8-1990

Graduated from Stella Maris College and did her Ph.D from Madras University. She is the recognised Research Guide under Mahatma Gandhi University for Doctoral research in Social Work for 14 years. She has served Loyola for more than 25 years. One scholar Dr. Stucky Devapadam has been awarded Doctorate under her guidance.Presently, she is the Senior Professor, Department of Social Work, Loyola College of Social Sciences, Chennai.


Ph.: 044-28279278 (R), 044-28175662/63 (O)


Dr. Sr. Kochuthresia

MSW, Ph.D (Family and Child Welfare)


Reg. No: AC.AII-3/91 dt. 9.01.1992 Did her Post Graduate Degree from Kerala University and her Doctorate from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She is the Recognised Research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University for Doctoral research in Social Work for the past 12 years. She was formerly the Head, Dept. of Social work, Rajagiri College and has held various offices as Member & Chairperson, Board of Studies in Social Work, Mahatma Gandhi University; Member, Executive Board ASSWI & UGC Subject Panel Expert.


Some of her publications include:Residential care for children under the tides of change: an empirical study’, International Social Work.Social Work Education: The Rajagiri Experience in Social Work Emerging Concerns, published by Rajagiri College of Social Sciences.


Ph.: 2421968 (R), 2426725 (O)


Fr. Varghese K. Varghese,

MA, MSW, B.Th, Ph.D, D.S.D (Canada) (Community Development)

Reg. No: AC.AII-1/2008/93 dt. 5.1.1994



Did his Post Graduate Degrees’ from Kerala University & Rajagiri College and Doctorate from Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala. He did Diploma in Social Development (DSD) from Coady International Institute, St. Franzis Xaviour University, Canada. He is the Recognised Research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University for Doctoral Research in Social Work for the last 10 years. Fr. Varghese was formerly the Head, Dept. of Social work, Rajagiri College. He was selected by Marywood University Pennsylvania, USA as the Distinguished Visiting Professor in Social Work. He has held various offices as Director, School of Social Work, Rajagiri College; Chairman, Board of Studies, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala; & Member, Academic Council, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. He is also a Member of National Assessment and Accreditation Council, (NAAC) UGC.


Presently, He is the Director, Bharata Matha College, Thrikkakkara, Kochi. He is also the Director, Center for Doctoral Research, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences. Some of his publications areBook: Cultural Diversity and Aspirations of Indian Youth (2002)Article: Will to change, key to development (Social Work Education Emerging Concerns, Rajagiri)


Ph: 2425099 (O), 2425121 (O)

Mob: +09846010292


Lizy James,

MSW, M.Phil, Ph.D (Social Work)


Reg. No: AC.AVI/2/1918/RG/2002 dt. 23-7-2003


Did her Masters in Social Work Degree from Rajagiri College and M.Phil from Bangalore University. She has held various offices as: Lecturer, Indore School of Social Work, Madhya Pradesh; Senior Lecturer, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kerala; Head of the Department of Social Work, Vimala College, Thrissur, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Work, University of Asmara from 2002. She is the Recognised Research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University for Doctoral Research in Social Work for 2 years. Some of her publications include Articles on : Family Structure and Behaviour Disorders in Children. Loyola Journal of Social Sciences Family Counselling in Family Court: An Analysis of Psychosocial Dynamics of Families of Litigants. Discussion Paper by Center for Development Studies (CDS).


Email: , to United Kingdom with new assignment)


Mary Venus Joseph,

MA (SW), MWS, MA (Eco & Envt.) Dip T&D, Ph.D (Family and Child Welfare)

.Reg No: AC.AVI/2/287/RG/2003 dt. 4-10-2004 



Did her Post Graduation in Social Work from Stella Maris College in the year 1978 & Doctorate in Social Work from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. She did her PG Diploma in Training and Development from Indian Inst. Of Trg.& Dvpt, Delhi ; PG Diploma in Ecology& Envt. From Indian Inst. Of Ecol& Envt., New Delhi and PG in Women’s Studies from Alagappa University. She retired as the Vice Principal, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences. Presently she is the Dean & Administrator, Rajagiri College.


Her publications include A BOOK on Mental Health in Classroom, by Rajagiri College of Social Sciences.An Article on Child Mental Health - Loyola Journal of Social Sciences, Loyola College of Social Sciences.


Ph: 2550882 (O), 2348151 (R),

Mob: +094471 34579

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Dr. Joseph I Injodey.

He is recognized research guide under M.G. University Kottayam

Reg. No: AC.AVI/1/771/RG/06 Dated 29.11.06.



Principal, holds a doctorate from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam and Post Graduate degree from Loyola College, Chennai. He has several years of teaching experience at Post graduate level in Rajagiri College of SocialSciences and Loyola College, Chennai. He is an accomplished trainer and has offered training programmes both in India and abroad. Recently, he conducted a training programme on “Skills for Counseling for Managers” for the Senior Managers at Bank Muscat, Oman. He has attended programme as a visiting international scholar at the Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan Stage, USA. He has visited Kenya, USA, UK, Canada and Sultanate of Oman for various professional purposes. He has offered his services as consultant to several organisations like Cochin Shipyard Ltd., Kochi Refineries Ltd., Kochi International Airport Ltd., Tata Consultancy, Akay Flavours and Aromatics (CHR Hansen Group, Denmark). He is a counselor and is also among the panel of experts for employee selection in many companies and educational institutions. His areas of interest are counseling and mentoring and employee resourcing. He is presently the Principal of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences.


Few of his publications include an articles on:

  • “Social Rehabilitation of Released Prisoners in Kerala” A Psycho-Spiritual and Criminal- Social Quarterly on Correction and Reformation – Pg 219-233, Vol 1, Issue No 3, 15- Dec 2003.
  • “Quality of life and social support of cancer patients in Kerala”, Rajagiri Journal of Social Development, Vol 1. pg 87-98.
  • “Death Anxiety and religious conviction of cancer patients in Kerala” – Loyola journal of Social Sciences Pg No. 261-279, vol 19, No. 2, July – Dec 2005.



Ph: 0484 2541924 (R)




Fr. Antony Kariyil CMI,

MA, Ph.D (Sociology)

Reg. No: AC.AVI/4/RG/98 - A dt. 11.10.1998 



Did his Post Graduate Degree from University of Pune in 1974 and Doctorate from University of Pune in 1988. He is the Recognised Research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University for Doctoral research in Sociology for 6 years. He has held various offices as Principal, Christ. College Bangalroe, Principal, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences; Vicar Provincial and Secretary for Social Work, Syndicate Member, M.G University; & Member, Academic Council, M.G. University, Kerala.Presently, He was the Prior General, CMI Congregation. Presently he is the Director of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences.


Ph: 2378137 (Monsatry)

Mob: +09447077399,



Celine Sunny (Celine K. Scaria)

MA (Sociology), MA - Women's Studies, Dip. RD, Dip. BE,Ph.D (Social Sciences)

Reg. No: AC.AII-1/1156/94 dt. 15.2.1995


Is a Post Graduate in Sociology from Loyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum and Doctorate in Social Sciences from Cochin University of Science and Technology. She is a member in Several Bodies engaged in Social Sciences Projects including, Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) Kerala Research Programme on Local Level Development (KRTLLD); Executive Committee Member, Centre for Women’s Studies, Kerala Agricultural university; Management Committee Member, Forest Conservation, Govt. of Kerala; State Advisory Council Member, NATPAC, Govt. of Kerala, State Advisory Board Member, Women's Cell, Govt. of Kerala, State Chapter Convenor, WPC, New Delhi.


She is presently the The Chief Co-ordinator, Research Institute, Training Division, Centre for Women's Studies& Development (CWSD),Rajagiri College of Social Sciences. She has 22 years of research experience and completed 91 Research Studies including Action Research Projects, Co-ordinated 178 Trainings / Workshops and 8 Courses on Research Methodology& SPSS.


She has published a number of papers on social science issues. Her publication include: A book on 'Domestic Violence against Women in Ernakulam District', published by KRPLLD. Articles on : 'Domestic Violence against Women the Unequal Power Dynamics', Social Science Abstracts. Self-Help groups & Rural Development in the book 'Women in Rural Development', The Women Press, New Delhi and AIDS Identification & Diagnosis, Aksharasree, State Resource Centre.


Ph : 2556579 (O), 2349564 (R),

Mob : +0919388608867

Email :


Fr. Jose Kuriedeth CMI,

MA (Sociology), Ph.D (Social Sciences)

Reg. No: Ac.AII-1-988/94 dt 4-8-1994


Took M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Delhi (1975) with a first Class and first Rank, then took M.A. in Sociology from Dharwad University, Karnataka (1978). Became Lecturer in Sociology at Sacred Heart College, Thevara, in 1980, and took Ph.D. in Sociology from Kerala University, Trivandrum (1987), the field of research being the “Changing Patterns of Authority in the Catholic Community in Kerala”. Became the Head of the Department of Sociology at Sacred Heart College in 1988.


Did post-doctoral research in Sociology at Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium from 1990 to 1992 on the “Communalization and Secularization of Politics in Kerala”. Was the Principal of S.H. College from 1995 to 1998. From 1998 to 2005,


Fr. Kuriedath worked as the Pastor of Holy Cross Parish in Toronto, Canada. He is now the Director of Jeevass Kendram, Aluva. Fr. Kuriedath is a life member of Kerala Sociological Society and Indian Sociological Association. He is a recognized research guide in Sociology at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, from 1989.




  • Authority in the Catholic Community in Kerala, Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore, 1989 (Ph.D. Thesis)
  • Vocations in Kerala: A Study on the Changes in the Social Determinants of Priestly and Religious Vocations in Kerala, Cochin, 1997.


Several Scientific Articles on Sociology of Religion and more than a hundred popular articles on various subjects in Sociology, Psychology, Theology and Spirituality both in English and Malayalam in journals, weeklies and newspapers.


Is the Recognised Research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University for Doctoral Research in Sociology for 10 years. He was a teacher and then the principal of Sacred Heart College Thevara. He has authored many books and articles.


Presently he is Director, Jeevas Kendram, Aluva, 683101.


Ph: 2623120 (Monastery)

Mob: +09446218397



S. P. Ravikumar


MSW, LL.B, Ph.D (Personnel Management and Industrial Relations), Dip. Journalism and Mass Communication.


Reg. No: AC.AVI/RG/6/2000R dt. 19.8.2000


Did his Post Graduate Degree from Kerala University, DJMC (Journalism and Mass Communication) from IGNOU and Doctorate from Kerala University. He did his Training Course in Advances in Health Education. He is the Recognised Research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University for Doctoral research in Social Sciences for 4 years. Presently, He is the working for an assignment at Loyola College, SreeKariyam, Trivandrum. He held various offices as Deputy District Education Medical Officer in Kerala Government Health Services; District Education Media Officer in the health Services Dept; Deputy State Mass Education Media Officer & State Mass Education Media Officer.


Dr Ravikumar received Dr. T.N. Krishnan Memorial Award IIRT 1996 sponsored by IIRT and Ministry of Welfare, Government of India and State award for meritorious performance in Family Welfare Programme as Deputy Mass Education and Media Officer.


Ph: 0471-2302490 (O), 0471-2712605 (R)

Mob: +09895162383




K.K. George

MA (Economics), Ph.D; Economics, Capital Market 

Reg. No: AC.AVI/RG/6/2000R dt. 19.8.2000


Is the recognized Research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University for Doctoral research in Economics for 11 years. He started his career with the Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta and moved over to School of Management, CUSAT and rose from the Post of Reader to Director. He was a member of several academic bodies - Board of Studies, Academic Council, Senet and Syndicate. Besides, an executive member of Institute of Management in Government and Governing Council Member, UC College, Aluva. He has many research projects and paper presentations and publications to his credit. He was professor, Emeritus, Rajagiri School of Management.

Currently, he is the Chairman, Centre for Socio-Economic and Environment Studies, Kochi.


Ph.: 2345306 (O), 2604140 (R)

Mob: +098471002426


James Thomas Kunnanatt

MA, MSW, MBA, Ph.D, Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management

Reg. No: AC.AII-1/702/93 dt. 19.1.1994



Did his Masters in Social Work with specialization in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Rajagiri College, MA in Sociology with specialisation in Industrial Sociology, University of Kerala, MBA in Human Resource Management, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Ph.D. in Management from Cochin University of Science and Technology. He is the Recognised Research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University for Doctoral Research in Management for 9 years. He was Previously the Visiting Professor of Management, UAE University, at its College of Business and Economics (AACSB accredited) - for academic years 2001-2004; Senior Lecturer and Program Manager, Department of Business Management, Bahrain Training Institute, Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs, State of Bahrain, Head, Department of Business Administration, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences.


Presently he is professor, Department of Business Administration, College of Business and Economics, United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Some of his international publications are :


Type a Behavior Pattern among Bank Executives in India, International Journal of Manpower, an Emerald Group publication Performance Effectiveness and Achievement Orientation of Managers Are They Linked? Human Resource Development International, Wiley group publication Department of Business Administration, College of Business and Economics, United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,


Ph: 0971 37612540

Mob: +097150 3373428 , +0971 37133494


V. Mukunda Das,

Ph.D; ITP (Milan) Management

Reg. No: AC AVI/4/RG/98 - B dt. 16.12.98


Obtained his Ph.D. in Marketing, from S.P. University, Gujarat, India. He Completed the International Management Teachers Program (ITP) Supported by Harvard Business School and sponsored by the European Foundation for Management, Milan, Italy, in 1989. He is a Recipient of Kerala University Union Medal for academic excellence; PRC Pillai Gold Medal for academic excellence; KRG Nair Gold Medal for academic excellence; & National Merit Scholarship. Has 29 years of teaching and Research experience. Accredited Fellow Member of the Academy of Marketing Science, USA.


He held various offices in Institute of Rural Management, Anand, (IRMA), Gujarat; Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, Gujarat; Management Development Institute, New Delhi; Centre for Management Development, Trivandrum; Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode and Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management - Kerala, Trivandrum & Director, School of Communication and Management Studies.


Currently he is Professor of Management, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, (IIITM-K), Park Centre, Technopark, Trivandrum - 695 581, Kerala,

Ph: 0471 2527567, 2700965, 2700777 (O),

Fax: (+91 471) 2527568, (R) 0471-2728587

Email: ,


Some of his publications are: 


  • Marketing of Rural Products in India, Financial Express
  • Indian Rural Market and Rural Consumers, The advertising & Marketing Journal (A &M)
  • ‘Kerala’s Tourism Development: Need for Strategic Planning’ (in Kerala 2000 and beyond)

Mathew J. Manimala

MBA, MBSc (Manchester) FPM (IIMA) Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

Reg. No: U.O.AC.AUD/10/RG/ NJNR/99 dt. 7/9/2000


Obtained MBA degree from the University of Cochin, an MBSc degree from the University of Manchester and a Doctoral degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has received several academic honors including a Certificate of Distinction for Outstanding Research in the Field of New Enterprise Development from the Academy of Management (USA). Dr. Manimala has been Recognised as the Research Guide by Mahatma Gandhi University for Doctoral Research in Management in the year 2000. Dr. Manimala is Professor of Organization Behaviour and Jamuna Raghavan Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. Heis also the Chairperson of the N S Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) at IIMB.


Prior to joining IIMB he has served as Senior Member of Faculty and Chairman, Human Resources Area at the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) and as lecturer at the University of Cochin and the University of Bhopal. He has published more than 50 research papers and articles in refereed national and international journals and presented papers in international conferences. One of his papers has been selected by peer-nomination as a "Classic of Entrepreneurship Research". He has published two books: Entrepreneurial Policies and Strategies: The Innovator’s Choice (Sage Publications, New Delhi); and: Entrepreneurship Theory at the Cross Roads: Paradigms and Praxis (Wheeler Publishing, New Delhi)


Ph-Direct: (O): 080-699 3107, (R) 699 3109

Ph-Board: 080-658 2450, Fax: 080-658 4050


Dr. K.S.Chandrasekar

B.Pharm (Hons.) M.B.A (Marketing) M.S (psychotherapy and counselling), Ph.D. honorary doctorate of University Post Doctoral, Spain

Reg. No: Ac.A.II-3/1175/92 dt.30-11-2003)


Dr. K.S.Chandrasekar, has been recognized as the Research Guide in Management Studies of the Centre for Doctoral Research, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences as per order no. (Ac.A.II-3/1175/92 dt.30-11-2003) under M.G. University, Kottayam, in mid may 2005.


He has B.Pharm (Hons.) from the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, Rajasthan, M.B.A (Marketing) with distinction from School of Management, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu; M.S (psychotherapy and counseling), Institute of Psychotherapy and Management sciences, Mumbai, India & Ph.D. in Management, from Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu & an honorary doctorate of University Post Doctoral Degree from Commonwealth Open University, Spain. He has produced 1 PhD in Management in University of Kerala.


He has held various offices as Assistant Manager(Marketing- Western India), Hindustan Latex Limited Regional Office, Mumbai, Maharashtra; Assistant Manager (Marketing- Medical products), Hindustan Latex Limited, Trivandrum, Kerala; Visiting Professor, Commonwealth Open University, Spain; Senior Lecturer in Management, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu; Senior Lecturer in Institute of Management in Kerala, University of Kerala, Trivandrum; and currently he is Reader in IMK, University of Kerala, Trivandrum. He has published 9 articles in the international journals and about 42 in national journals including newspapers. He has been a regular contributor in Express Pharmapulse and Pharma manager. He has presented papers in 8 international conferences and 26 national conferences. He has organised an international workshop in Trivandrum on Womens ICT enterprises in collaboration with University of Manchester during August 2005. He had organised about 11 national seminars/ conferences on topics related to Management. He has publised a book on " Product management - text and cases" thorugh Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai. He is in the final stages of completing a book on "Pharmaceutical marketing". He has also been a partner in publishing about 3 books. He has written 18 study materials in Management for MBA programmes in Distance Education. He is currently the Academic Coordinator for the MBA(DLP) of University of Kerala.


Official Reader, Institute Of Management In Kerala, University Of Kerala, Trivandrum 695034 , Kerla, India, 0471-2301145 , Mail:,


Mobile: 919447176238

Residential T.C 28/2616, Kra A18, Institute Of Management In Kerala Subedar Buildings Chettikulanga Trivandrum 695001 Kerala, India Ph: 0471 2476238

Dr. M. H. Salim

BSc., LL.B., MBA., PhD

(U.O. No. Ac. A. AVI/RG/273/2006 dt PD Hills 14.7.2006)


He is Professor, marketing department, TKM Institute of management, Kollam. He has a PhD in marketing area from Cochin University of Science and Technology; MBA from University of Calicut; and LL.B from University of Kerala. Dr. M. H. Salim is Research Guide for Doctoral Research in Faculty of Management Studies, Mahatma Gandhi University; and University of Kerala. Dr. Salim has several published research articles to his credit. He has around 20 years of administrative and teaching experience.


Ph: 0474-2573010(R) , 0474-2482465,66(O)

Mob: +09447012000

e mail: