Rajagiri - Host to US Fulbright Scholars To India


What is US Fulbright programme?

The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to “increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.”

The Fulbright Program was established in 1946 under legislation introduced by then-Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas. The Fulbright Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Currently, the Fulbright Program operates in over 155 countries worldwide. The primary source of funding for the Fulbright Program is an annual appropriation made by the United States Congress to the Department of State. Participating governments and host institutions in foreign countries and in the United States also contribute financially through cost-sharing and indirect support, such as salary supplements, tuition waivers and university housing.

US FULBRIGHT SCHOLARS TO RAJAGIRI CAMPUS Catherine Kohler Riessman (1993-1994 )

Professor of Sociology and Professor of Social Work, Boston University Director, Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Sociology and Social Work At Boston College, Riessman teaches an interdisciplinary graduate seminar, Narrative Methods in the Social Sciences. A medical sociologist, she has also taught Health, Gender and the Body in alternate years.

Riessman has authored three books and numerous articles and book chapters. She teaches frequently in the European Union as a specialist in qualitative research methods, and she has published extensively on narrative approaches. Her newer writings are – Book on Narrative Methods for the Human Sciences published by Sage and another book Looking Back: Narratives of Interrupted Lives.

At Rajagiri campus, Reissman was actively associated with the Research Institute and participated in the ongoing research projects then. Reissman also conducted a research project on “Infertility among Women in South India “as part of the Fulbright scholarship. She gave consultancy to the Doctoral Scholars and addressed the Social Work students.


MERLIN A. TABER (1994-1995)

Merlin A. Taber has practiced , taught and done research on social programmes for 45 years. Besides duties at two state universities he has collaborated with government agencies to design, implement and evaluate large social programmes. But most of his work has been on programmes for community, care of the severely mentally ill, frail elderly, and adolescents from the city streets. His research and writings, several books and over 30 articles, primarily concern these three target groups and programmes for them. He took early retirement in 1990 and has since travelled and lectured in 9 countries of Asia and East Europe.

Social Strains of Globalization in India Case Examples - was developed with the help of Sushma Batra, Delhi during the Fulbright Lectureship in India, 1994-95

Faculty members and social work practitioners from Rajagiri campus contributed case examples to this book.




Coordinator, Social Work Minor Instructor, Dept. of Sociology, Ithaca College, 106, Muller Center, Ithaca NY 14850; (ph) 607-274-3834 / (fax) 607-274-7333, 67 horn brook road, Ithaca, NY-14850; 607-277-7899 (ph) 6073517761 (Cell); srubensteingillis@ithaca.edu Accompanied by - Husband Eric and 2 children – Max and Ezri


  • Graduate degree in Social Work
  •  Advance Studies in Women’s Studies


  • Faculty member of the Sociology Department at ITHACCA COLLEGE
  • Teaching affiliate with Ithaca Colleges’ Women Studies Programme.
  • Developing and Teaching range of courses – Contemporary Mental health issues, Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare, social work methods, group counseling, supervised field work and family violence.

Active Leaning style – Incorporate a hands-on, community or service-learning component into the courses. Combine reading with written assignments, creative projects, group work, journals and other learning methods as appropriate to the course.

Mentoring of students - Coach and guide many students struggling to plan for their future studies or careers.

Supervision of student fieldwork in community based internships and independent studies. Curriculum planning and administrative responsibilities.

Active member of the curriculum committee and the coordinator of Social Work Minor.


• 10 years of experience in the Domestic Violence field

• Education Director and support group facilitator at the Task Force for battered women and child sexual abuse project.


Worked in a rural orphanage and clinic near Haridwar, U.P during 1994 for fieldwork for her undergraduate programme in community studies form University of California at Santa Cruz. Her experience in taking care of two babies – Chandan and Soma, who were deserted, made her to become a social worker and eventually a social work educator.




To learn about our efforts to address domestic violence, in particular violence against women, to share her experience in innovative prevention strategies utilized in US in the field Academic plans and programmes accomplished by Sarah Rose Rubenstein Gillis .

The Fulbright scholar was with the School of Social Work which offers the following programmes :

  •  Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
  •  Post Graduate Diploma in Administration of Human Service Organisation (PGDAHS)
  •  Master of Social Work (MSW)
  •  Doctoral Programme in Social Work, and
  •  Various outreach programmes for Children, Women and families in communities.

Activities undertaken:

Guest Teaching for

  • MSW students

- Research Methodology course

- Family and Child Welfare specialisation

- Group work course

Skill development workshops

  •  Offered a skill development workshops for BSW students

Faculty meetings

  •  Consultation held for the faculty members of the social work department.
  •  Facilitated weekly staff development sessions on interactive teaching methodologies







Academic support to Faculty members

• Provided review and support for the Doctoral scholars in the field of family issues

Family Violence Course offered

• To the faculty members and social work practitioners.

• To all the interested students of the campus. .

• To the family counsellors of the State.

• To the members of Women’s Associations on Family Violence - prevention and intervention

Sarah Rubenstein’s active role in the International Women’s Week - 2007

An International singing club initiated by Sarah Rubenstein chanted beautiful songs with a theme on women empowerment. Audience joined the group in singing and made it a successful event.

Palm cutouts designed by Sarah Rubenstein were distributed to all the students and staff of the college and also members of the community to register their resolution regarding their role in protecting Women’s Rights.

Ms. Sarah Rubenstien , Fulbright Scholar from the U. S. expressed her view point on the dressing style of Kerala women appears to be very beautiful. Problem lies with the onlooker’s eyes and not with the dressing style.




Sl. No Name of book Edition
  Singing America -Poems that define a nation Edited by Neil Philip
2. Foundations of Evidence-based Social Work Practice Edited by Albert R. Roberts, Kenneth R. Yeager
3. Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare Seventh Edition - Charles Zastrow
4. Evidence based practice manual - Research and outcome measures in Health and Human services Albert R. Roberts &Kenneth R. Yeager
5. Reforming Public Services in India - Drawing Lessons from Success World Bank Report






8th January 2010 till 31st May 2010.

US Fulbright Scholar Ms. Kathleen M. Mulligan (Ithacca College, New York) was with Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, for a period of 4 months from 8th January 2010 till the end of May 2010.

Dr. Kathleen Mulligan is the Asst. Professor of Voice & Speech, Dept. of Theatre, Ithacca College, New York. She is a Master of Fine Arts – Performance, Professional Actor, Training Programme Kathleen is a native of Massachusetts, Kathleen has been a professional actress for over twenty years. She has performed with The Acting Company (Off-Broadway and National Tour), The American Repertory Theatre, Huntington Theatre Company, The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, PCPA Theatrefest, and Fort Worth Shakespeare in the Park. She is a member of Actors Equity Association, the union of professional stage actors.

While a Resident Actress at Cornell University in 1992, she began teaching voice and speech for the stage, and has gone on to teach voice and acting at the University of Illinois and PCPA Theatrefest in Santa Maria, CA before joining the faculty at Ithaca College.

Areas of Specialisation :-

  •  Acting
  •  Text analysis
  •  Voice and Movement
  •  Stage combat and movement techniques

In the Ithaca College theatre programme, Mulligan works with actors to develop their voices for the rigours of stage performance.

In recent years she has brought her vocal training to non-actors as well, as a way of giving confidence to and empowering those who do not feel they have a voice. (IANS) Specialises in vocal production for the stage. Through her work with actors have developed workshops to empower women through their voices.

Dr. Kathleen has been awarded the prestigious Fulbright scholarship for a project in Kerala focussing on helping women discover the power of their voices in all aspects of their lives. She worked closely with the School of Social Work at the Rajagiri College of Social Sciences in Kochi as well as with adolescent girls in the community.

She was accompanied by her husband David Studwell who is a professional actor and teacher of acting. Both of them are professional actors and teachers of theatre.

His family lived in New Delhi from 1959 -1965. His father William Studwell was the first pastor of Union Church of New Delhi. David was less than 6 years old then he has few memories of his childhood. He is also a professional actor and teacher of acting. Master of Fine Arts – Performance, Professional Actor , Training programme Has been working from 1977. His brother Philip was a visitor to Rajagiri a few years ago.

Through her "Finding Women's Voices" project in the spring of 2010, she learnt about the communication challenges that women face in the Indian culture, exploring the ways in which those challenges are similar to those facing women in the US.

She conducted the following seminars

  1.  Finding your voice –An introduction to Breath and Power using the principles of breath support, vocal placement, optimal pitch.
  2.  Making ourselves heard – Voice of women
  3.  Workshops on vocal creative writing and theatre for social change
  4.  Programme for Adolescent girls

State Level Training for the Professors in Social Work on the use of ‘VOICE’ - February. 6, 2010 Saturday at Golden Aureole, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery

Dr. Kathleen Mulligan, Full bright scholar at Rajagiri, and Dr. David Studwell, of ITAHCA University, New York, gave a short session on the use of ‘VOICE’ in class room and in communication during the General Body Meeting Of the Association of Schools of Social Work In Kerala (ASSK. This was with the purpose of sharing their resources with the



schools of social work, if they found it useful.

Kathleen with the students of Rajagiri School

Workshop on "Finding Women's Voices" in Mumbai on February 2nd 2010 during the 60th Anniversary of Fulbright in India.




Sl. No Name of book Publisher
1. The Last Lecture Hyperion
2. Change your voice change your life :A quick,simple plan for finding &using your natural,dynamic voice Macmillan publishing company
3. Well-Tuned Women :Growing strong through voicework women's press
4. Poetry for young people:Emily Dickinson Sterling publishers

The Hindu - 7th August 2009 – Reports……..

An American professor has been awarded the Fulbright scholarship to study empowerment of women in Kerala and help them discover the power of their voices through voice modulation. Kathleen Mulligan, assistant professor of voice and speech at the Department of Theatre Arts at Ithaca College, has been awarded the prestigious scholarship for the spring of 2010.

Ms. Mulligan, working on her project ‘Find Their Voices’, will be closely associated with the women’s centre at the Rajagiri College of Social Sciences as well as with adolescent girls in the community, the Ithaca College said in a statement.

She will learn about the communication challenges women face in that culture, explore the ways in which those challenges are similar to those facing women in the United States, and help them discover the power of their voices in all aspects of their lives. Ms. Mulligan works with actors to develop their voices for the rigors of stage performance. — PTI

2012 Fulbright -Nehru International Education Administrators' Seminar (IEAS)

Dr. Mary Venus Joseph, Dean & Administrator, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery, was selected for the 2012 Fulbright-Nehru International Education Administrators' Seminar (IEAS) for a period of two weeks in New York, Washington and Philadelphia from 20th October to 4th November 2012. The participants from India included 12 delegates from various universities in India.

During the programme, Dr. Mary Joseph visited various universities such as George Mason University, George Washington University, Montgomery College, American University, Institute of International Education, Georgetown University at Washington; Bryn Mawr College, Swarthmore College, University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University in Philadelphia










Dr. Margaret V. Sherrer, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology & Human Services, Lyndon State College, and Dr. Thomas O’Hare, Associate Professor, Boston College, Graduate School of Social Work, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, the Fulbright –Nehru Teaching & Research Scholars, was with Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery from January 2013 to May 2013