India study visit programmes in Social work


Visit by Vives Universtiy College, Belgium- a partnering university A team of 30 members from Vives University College, Belgium including president Mr Joris Hindryckx, Dr. Eveline Le Roy, Prof. Johan De winter, Ms.Isabel Khan and students visited Rajagiri College of Social Sciences during April 2016

Ms. Mariama Bah, Mr. Benjamin James Baker, Ms. Alexandra Valentine Ballard, Mr. Sidney Ikechukwu Maduforo, Ms. Meghan Rose Meyer, Ms. Gabrielle Brooke Williams, Ms. Yuly Andrea Rios Mendez and Ms. Carol Gizell Velandia Pardo interns from University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA is doing their internship with Rajagiri Kalamassery campus from June to November 2016

A group of 12 US Fulbright -Nehru International Education Administrators visited Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery and Kakkanad campus on Monday, 18th March 2013. Ms. Maya Sivakumar, Regional Officer, USIEF, Chennai coordinated the visit. Dr. Kiran Datar, Former Principal, Miranda House, Delhi, was the facilitator of the Fulbright Programme – India.










A team of 45 members (staff and students) from Katho, Belgium visited Rajagiri Kalamassery and Kakkanad campus on 2nd and 4th April 2013. The team was headed by Ms. Eveline Le Roy, Mr. Johan De winter, and Ms. Isabelle











The programme on international Social Work organised at Rajagiri campus is specially designed to meet the academic requirements of the visiting students and Professors from the partnering overseas universities. The programme is aimed at understanding the professional social work scenario in India and in Kerala State with special reference to Rajagiri unique practice models. It comprises of lectures, seminars, discussions and field visits to the various welfare agencies.

Following are the universities participating in the International Social Work programme at Rajagiri campus:

  • University of Maryland, School of Social Work, Baltimore, USA
  • Katholieke University,Belgium
  • Nazareth College, Rochester, USA





UMSSWB have been conducting the International Social Work Course at Rajagiri Campus during the month of January

1997 - Prof. Raju Varghese with 10 students

The visit included orientation to Rajagiri experiments, field visits to various Organisations, interaction with faculty members and social work students

2000 - 11 students and Prof. Raju Varghese

2005 - Raju Varghese, Dick Cook, Janice Moon and 13 students

Participated in the International conference on World peace and social work education from 10th to 12th January 2005

2007 - Prof. Raju Varghese, Prof. Dick Cook and Karen Cook, 9 MSW Female Student,2 MSW male students.

Attended lectures on

  •  Gandhian approach to Social Work
  •  Caste system and its effect on human problems
  •  Issue and concerns pertaining to women and children in Kerala.
  •  Kudumbashree – Kerala model poverty alleviation
  • Visits to

Janey centre, Special school vyttila; Palluruthy Relief Settlement – Rehabilitation of destitute; Snehabhavan Rehabilitation of destitute boys; Sevashram - Income generation projects

  • Kathakali demonstration & Yoga sessions

Sight seeing visits to

Athirapally water falls , Backwater trip to Mattancherry, Fort Kochi , Mattancherry Palace, Jewish synagogue,Chinese fishing nets, Fortkochi Beach, St. Francis Church, Bolghatty Palace

2009 - Prof. Raju Varghese, Prof. Dick Cook and Karen Cook and 8 students

Participated in International conference On Millennium Development Goals & Child Protection – DYUTI 09 held from 6th to 8th January 2009

Participated in the International Conference On Social Work And Environmental Justice From 6th To 9th January 2011

2012 - Prof. Raju Varghese, Associate Professor and Prof. Jesse Haris, Former Dean, School of Social Work, University of Maryland, participated in the National Conference On Family Competence for Social Development: Emerging paradigms in Social Work Practice” from 12th to 14th January 2012 Also were resources persons for the Southern Regional Social Work Educators Consultation meet held at Rajagiri College on 13th & 14th January 2012.

Many social work books were donated by UMSSWB to Rajagiri College.







27th March 29th March 2008 – Ms. Eveline Le Roy, Coordinator, International Office, 6 Professors from IPSOC, 19 students and 18 Professors from different departments of Katho


  • Campus introduction 
  •  Indo- Belgium Cultural Programme
  •  Visits to

- Special Economic Zone

Kakkanad IT company

- Rain Water Harvesting Units

- Sanitation Unit

- Mobile Health Centre

- Ayurvedic Health Club


April 5th to 9th – 2010 – 33 participants

Ms. Eveline Le Roy, Coordinator International Office, Social Sciences, faculty from Management Department, Social Sciences, Teacher Training, other guests and students


In connection with the International Conference on Social Work and Environmental Justice held in Rajagiri Kalamassery campus from 6th to 9th January 2011, Carol Brownstein-Evans, PhD, LMSW, ACSW , Program Director , GRC MSW Program and Mark Primus, LMSW, Clinical Assistant Professor and 11 students from Nazareth College, USA visited Rajagiri from 2nd January to 11th January 2011. Various programmes were arranged for the team at Rajagiri.







Workshop on the following themes were organised for the team.:

  • Bio-diversity resources of Kerala
  • Health issues in Kerala/India
  • Child rights issues
  • Gender issues and empowerment
  • Professional social work education in India
  • Gandhian contribution to social work
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Street theatre







A team o 45 participants from Norka Roots visited Rajagiri on Thursday, 31st December 2009 as part of Know India Programme.

Details of the College and its various Departments in the campus were presented to the team members . Interaction was made with the Master of Social Work Students of Rajagiri College. Cultural activities were arranged for the team.