International Exchange Programmes


Rajagiri has many forms of academic tie ups and collaborations with the overseas universities. Following are the different programmes taking place for the overseas universities within the Rajagiri Campus and in turn, for the Rajagiri Faculty and students at the concerned partnering Universities.



1. Twinning programmes under Rajagiri International School for Education and Research (RISER)

The Rajagiri International School for Education and Research (RISER) has been instituted as a response to globalization in the field of higher education and offers quality programmes which equip professionals to effectively perform in the global arena.

Social Work

In Social Work, RISER has signed up MOU for twinning programme in Social Work with two universities – University of Maryland, School of Social Work, Baltimore (UMSSWB) Graduate School of Counselling Psychology, Assumption University, Thailand.


2. Internship for Overseas students under Rajagiri International Exchange Programme (RIEP)

Rajagiri International Exchange Programme is an international academic tie up for Professors in social work, social work students and practicing social workers from other universities who visit our campus and interact with our community

Rajagiri has been having overseas students for internship since 1997 from Salem State College, Massacheesetts; Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and West Michigan University, USA ; Laval University, Quebec and Moncton University, Canada; Göteborgs Universitet; Lund University; Mid Sweden University and Malmo University, Sweden; University of Co - operative Education at Stuttgart, and Berufsakedemie in Stuttgart, Germany; University of Ghent, Belgium, Zurich University, Switzerland.

3. Host to US Fulbright scholars in Social work

The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to “increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.”

The professors who were awarded the US Fulbright scholarship to be at Rajagiri Campus were

Prof. Taber (1993-1994),

Prof. Catherine Hawkins Reissman (1995),

Prof. Sarah Rose Rubenstein Gillis (2007) Prof. Kathleen M. Mulligan (2010)

4. International Social Work - India study visit programme

The programme on international Social Work organised at Rajagiri campus is specially designed to meet the academic requirements of the visiting students and Professors from the partnering overseas universities. The programme is aimed at understanding the professional social work scenario in India and in Kerala State with special reference to Rajagiri unique practice models. It comprises of lectures, seminars, discussions and field visits to the various welfare agencies.

5. Overseas Professors to Rajagiri campus

Rajagiri college of Social Sciences provides an academic platform for Professors from Universities from all over the world enriching students and professors in the following disciplines..

  • Social Work
  • Computer Science
  • Management
  • Behavioural Science
  • Library Science

6. Rajagiri Student overseas internship programme

The International Internship programme is between Rajagiri and the following universities. Students from Rajagiri are engaged in different short term long term internship.

7. Rajagiri Faculty Overseas Exposure Programme

The collaborations with the partnering overseas universities have resulted in facilitating Rajagiri Professors as Visiting international scholars

8. Rajagiri Faculty as International consultants

Many of our senior Professors serve as experts in International professional bodies and as visiting International consultants.


9. Rajagiri Alumni Overseas chapters

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences has vibrant Alumni overseas chapters in different parts of the world- USA, Canada, New York, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai. These chapters have their regular gatherings besides meeting up when the college authorities visit the respective places on official assignments.

10. International Conferences organised by Rajagiri

The international conferences are a regular event of the different schools of the College. These conferences are usually attended by overseas Professors as resource persons, and overseas students as participants.

11. International membership

Each school has membership in International Professional associations and benefits through subscribing to their journals and participating in International conferences

School of Social work

School of Computer Science

School of Library & Information Science

School of Management