Other Facilities



  • Alex Hall

    An AC hall with a capacity of 100 has been the venue for numerous Seminars, Conferences or even informal talks with eminent persons.


  • Conference Hall

    This is basically meant for the official use of the college like staff meetings, staff selection interviews, high level meetings with Government and other officials, important policy making meetings with management etc. It is an air-conditioned conference room with a seating capacity of 30.

  • Golden Aureole Auditorium

    It is a well furnished auditorium having State-of-the-Art facilities such as in-built Audio visual systems, podium, control unit cabin etc. It is meant for the common programmes of the college like seminars, training programmes, competitions, common meetings, etc. It has a seating capacity of 250 persons with cushioned chairs.


The college provides separate double occupancy hostel facilities for men and women. The college also has a separate hostel for the international exchange students. Apart from this the college maintains a hostel for the participants of training programmes, seminars and conferences.


The College has a mess run by the Men’s hostel.



  • Rajagiri Staff Welfare Association

    Reg No. EKM/TC/468/2012


    Rajagiri Staff Welfare Association is a colloquium of the staff of the Rajagiri College of Social Sciences established in 1991 with a vision for friendship, Co-operation, Mutual trust, Economic Self-reliance and Human Development. Its growth has widened its spectrum of activities and has carried out a multitude of activities of different dimensions.


    General body of the members of the Association every year elects President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and executive members representing different departments of the college.

    The Association conducts monthly meetings of executive committee in order to plan, organize and scrutinize different activities of the association.

    Major activities

    The Major activities carried out under the auspices of Association during the period 2009 - 2012 included:

    1. Social Outreach
    2. Educational Assistance to children of the members
    3. Educational Merit Scholarships to children of the members
    4. Financial Assistance to the members
    5. Soft Loans to the Members
    6. Welfare Schemes to Members Member’s
    7. Picnics
    8. Celebrations
  • Facility Centre

    The facility centre at the campus has a snack bar with tea and coffee, an STD, ISD booth, facility for making calls from a one rupee coin, instant Photostat facility. There is also the facility for DTP training.

  • Matha Press

    All types of papers of different quality and size files etc. are available in the press. Printing work of college is also undertaken.

  • SBI Extension Counter

    SBI has been functioning at the outskirts of the campus. This has proved to be very useful for the students.

  • Post Office

    Post Office is yet another facility available at the campus with its working hours from 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM

  • Sports Facilities

    There is a football ground and a basketball court, Table Tennis table, badminton court and a cricket ground for the students to discover and develop their potential in those fields.