Overseas student internship - RIEP


Rajagiri International Exchange Programme is an international academic tie up for teachers, students and practicing social workers from other universities who visit our campus and interact with our community

Objectives of RIEP

  • To improve the global awareness of the visitors through Cultural and Educational Exchanges
  • To give exposure to Community Programmes, Welfare/ Development Agencies and Academic Institutions
  • To promote interaction between professionals beyond boundaries
  • To arrange opportunities for visitors to take part in training programmes, seminars and workshops
  • To facilitate cross cultural researches and studies between the researchers of the participating educational institutions


Duration of the Programme

Duration of the programmes depends on the nature of the requirements of the participants. Usually we coordinate :

(i) Long Term Programmes for a period of 3 to 6 months.

(ii) Middle Length Term Programmes for a period of 3 weeks to 3 months

(iii) Short Term Programmes for 1 to 2 weeks As English is the common language for communication the applicant should be able to communicate in English.

The components of the programme generally depends on the requirement of the participant.

The essential parts of the programme are :

  • Orientation to Rajagiri campus and programmes
  • Visit to agencies/ communities
  • Participation in workshops/ seminars,
  • Submission of weekly reports
  • Weekly conferences with supervisors etc. Uniqueness of Internship at Rajagiri
  • Child related – child rights, child sponsorship, Child Adoption, child Protection , Child Development, support services like childline, etc.
  • Women empowerment programmes – Legal Literacy, family counseling, self help groups, micro credit functions, etc.
  • Geriatric – Day care centres for the elderly in the community and Palliative care.
  • Neighbourhood, community development programmes, environment related – solid waste management, recycling of waste, natural resource management, rain water harvesting
  • Non-conventional energy – solar, bio gas
  • Disaster Management efforts

Facilities provided within the campus

  • Computer Facility
  • Library
  • Outdoor game facility
  • Telephone/Xerox facility
  • Meditation Centre (Darshanam)
  • Bank
  • Post Office
  • Procedures for Applying

A formal request from the concerned authorities is to be made to the Principal, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences. There upon an invitation letter is issued by the college to the student intern to facilitate in obtaining the STUDENT VISA.

International Students in Hill Campus
Academic Year June 2017-May 2018
Sl No Name University Dates
1 Lisa Deseck Student Teacher Training VIVES Belgium – secondary education 3/2/2017-30/4/2017
2 Johanna Wybo Social Work, Vives University, Belgium 6/2/2017-9/6/2017
3 Marieke Verdeyen
4 Emma Messely
5 Glines Demuynck
6 Lincoln Arwel University of Melbourne 19/4/2017-4/9/2017
7 Lauren Allsop University of Melbourne, Australia 10/5/2017-26/8/2017
8 Devin Kiessling University of Maryland, USA 16/6/2017-17/11/2017
9 Ashlie Williams 16/6/2017-17/11/2017
10 Ashley Williams 16/6/2017-17/11/2017
11 Molly Vetter 16/6/2017-17/11/2017
12 Jessica Lee 16/6/2017-17/11/2017
13 Geoffrey Graham 16/6/2017-8/8/2017
14 Grace Cox Australian Catholic University, Australia 7/8/2017-17/9/2017


The Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (RIEP) collaborates with the following Universities on a regular basis for the overseas student’s India Placement / internship(from social work and other allied disciplines).

  1. University of Maryland, School of Social Work, Baltimore, USA
  2. VIVES University College , Belgium
  3. Nazareth College, USA
  4. Université Catholique de Lille, France
  5. Western Michigan University, USA
  6. Yeshiva University, USA
  7. University of Melbourne, Australia
  8. Trinity Western University, Canada
  9. University of South Australia, Australia
  10. Australian Catholic University
  11. Charles Sturt University, Australia
  12. Rumzemberok University, Slovakia
  13. Kadambari Memorial College, Nepal
  14. Shenzhen University, China
  15. Hes. So-Summer University, Western Switzerl and Eichstatt-Ingolstadt, Germany
  16. University of York, UK
  17. OTH Regensburg,Germany

Belgium Students from Vives University organised a community awareness programme for the Kudumbasree members in the vicinity of Rajagiri College in Kalamassery. 30 Kudumbasree unit representatives participated in the programme conducted on 6th June 2017

A group of 6 students from University of Maryland, School of Social Work, Baltimore, USA joined for India study programme in School of Social Work, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences from 20th June 2017 for 5 months. They completed two courses from MSW programme, underwent two field placements in different social welfare agencies and took a basic course on Yoga along with cultural visits.

Onam celebrations of the International Interns took place in August 2017.The interns from USA, Germany, and Australia participated in the Onam celebrations organised by the college.

Mid term review and final evaluation meeting of the students from USA and Belgium were conducted on 5th March 2018 and 29th May 2018 respectively.Dr Sr Lizy P J(Coordinator, School of Social Work),Dr Anish K R (Head, Social Work) ,Dr Kiran Thampi (Coordinator, Office of International Relations), Dr Giji Francis (Faculty supervisor for Vives students) and Dr Rajiv S P(Asst Professor, Social Work) were present.


  • Ms Miriam Mersch from FHWS-Wuerzburg,Germany did her one semester in BSW programme from November 2016 to February 2017
  • Ms Katie Gibson from Australian Catholic University did her placement with Dept of Social Work from 13th August till 2nd October 2016
  • Jolien Vermeulen and Lila Naert, students Bachelor Applied Psychology, Vives, Belgium from February 2016 to June 2016 at Kalamassery Campus
  • Megan Paris and Michelle Roberts, final MSW students from Nazareth College, Rochester USA from January 2016 to April 2016
  • Ms. Lucius Quitterie Pascale Marie , Social work student at Institute Social de Lille, France from January 2016 to July 2016
  • Ms Carol Velandia Pardo, Mr Benjamin Baker, Ms Alexandra Ballard, Ms Gabrielle Williams, Ms Mariama Bah , Ms Yuly Rios, Ms Meghan Meyer, Mr Sidney Maduforu did their placement from June to November 2016 in Dept of Social Work
  • Ms. Susan Joyner, Ms. Catherine Mae David, Ms. Petra Victoria Ize-Ovia and Ms. Chauntia Alease, interns from Univesity of Maryland, Baltimore, USA is doing their internship with Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery, Kerala from June to November 2015 .
  • Ms. Elizabeth O'Dea and Ms.Michel Emmett, Social Work Students from Australian Catholic University, Australia was with Rajagiri Kalamassery campus from August to October 2015 for internship in Social work Programme.

Library & Information Science

Taiz University, Republic of Yemen


MOU SIGNED BETWEEN KATHO – Katholiek Hogeschool Zuid-West – Viaanderen, Kortrijk, Belgium AND Rajagiri College Of Social Sciences (RCSS)

Agreement between Katho, Belgium Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kerala India was signed on 8th January 2004 by Eric Halsberghe, President, International Office, Katho, Kortrijk and Fr. Jose Alex, Director, Rajagiri College.



MOU SIGNED BETWEEN KATHO – Katholiek Hogeschool Zuid-West – Viaanderen, Kortrijk, Belgium AND Rajagiri College Of Social Sciences (RCSS)

Agreement between Katho, Belgium Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kerala India was signed on 8th January 2004 by Eric Halsberghe, President, International Office, Katho, Kortrijk and Fr. Jose Alex, Director, Rajagiri College






  • Ms. Ilse Clement, Ms. Eva Borra and Ms. Kaat Moermans, three students from Katho, Belgium who was with Rajagiri college from February 2013 have completed their internship on 6th June 2013











1410 NE Campus Parkway, Box 355852, Seattle WA 98195-5852

Social Work student internship from University of Washington


Period Name of students Discipline Areas of interest
March to September 2009 Ms. Antara Aima HR Social Work Management Income generating programme among women group in Thrissur
March to May 2009 Ms. Sara Mets
Ms Melinda Carter
HR Social Work Management Viability of Community






9th to 15th June 2008

1. Lily Kruglak

2. Elizabeth Heiny







RYERSON UNIVERSITY, 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Canada


RYERSON UNIVERSITY - Social Work student internship at Rajagiri








DOMINICAN UNIVERSITY, Graduate School of Social Work, USA

January to March 2011 - Minirose Maliekal

Christine Joy Varghese , political science student at the University of Texas at Dallas and Samantha Elise Grimberg, student of Anthropology at Brookhaven College, Texas had undergone internship with the School of Social Work, at our Kalamassery campus from 29th May to 13th June 2013.




A batch of 4 students from Taiz University, Republic of Yemen had undergone one month training in “Automated Library Systems” from 17th May- 18th June 2010, under a higher education project by World Bank. These students have given theory classes and hands on training in the areas like.

  •  ICT in libraries
  •  Library management
  •  Reference and Information Services &
  •  Library software training.