Rajagiri Anthem

Rajagiri - Oh the Hill of the King

Reign you as the caring king

Reaching out to souls come seeking

Righteous way of true living



Be you the dream of searching minds

A beacon of light, with a vision to guide

Bold In the mission to excel ever

Bright In our learning ende'vour




Training to transcend the limits of time

Spreading its wings surpassing the space

Leading way to Integrity

From bondage to spirit of freedom



(Critical outlook and creative act

Reflective poise for a committed cause

Fed by the fire of conviction

Achievement of glory In service)




And for us, Rajagirians, Rajagiri is.....

Our way life, our task, 'n tradition

A luminous star on the learning horizon

We cherish the way you nourish your own

And pledge ourselves to do you proud.