Journal Issues (2013-2017)

Rajagiri Journal of Social Development

Rajagiri Journal of Social Development is an attempt of the Rajagiri College of Social Sciences to disseminate field based and field related knowledge in the area of social development that will be of benefit to both academics and practitioners interested and involved in programmes and activities of social development.

Rajagiri Journal of Social Development is published in English every June and December. The Journal is included in the electronic library products of the EBSCO Publishing Company, USA. Rajagiri Journal of Social Development is registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India: No. KERENG/2009/33545

Objectives of the Journal are

(i) contributing to professionalism in social development through publication of indigenous theoretical materials on issues and action programmes of social development,

(ii) providing a forum to professionals engaged in the field of social development activities for theoretical documentation of their experiences in field level activities, and

(iii) encouraging educators and academics interested in the area of social development to produce field related publications so as to strengthen their linkage and interaction with the field level activities.

The Rajagiri Journal of Social Development publishes contributions in the broad area of social development that are both theoretical and field based or related. It has a separate section on innovative programmes of social development. It is meant to bring to the notice of academicians and practitioners some of the interesting experiments in social development. The journal welcomes contributions from academics and professionals interested and involved in social development. The contributions may be on theoretical themes, field experiences, programmes/projects or agencies of social development.


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