Responsibilities of Research Scholars

Attendance: Full - time scholar should be present at the centre on all days from monday to saturday. Attendance register would be maintained at the principal’s office and the scholars have to mark their attendance forenoon and afternoon.

Leave: A full - time research scholar shall be eligible to avail a maximum of 30 days’ leave in a completed year in addition to 20 days’ of casual leave. In exceptional cases, the syndicate may grant two months of leave for a full time scholar for sufficient reasons. This shall be granted only twice during the research period of the scholar. However this period will not be considered for fellowship.

Full time scholars:

  • The scholars are expected in normal course of events to complete their research within a minimum period of 3 years.
  • Have to teach one full paper during the entire period of their Registration for regular courses (MSW / MHRM / MBA). The Head of the Department concerned would allot the teaching assignments depending on the area of research.
  • Involve in research projects of the college depending upon the area of interest.
  • Participate in the research methodology course and SPSS orientation programme organized by the College.
  • Publish at-least two articles in a regional/ national/international journals co-authored by the guide.
  • Make paper presentations in the area of research at regional/ national/international conferences at the direction of the Head of the Center or the Supervising Guide.

Part-time research scholars:

  • Joining Report to be submitted through the guide as soon as he/she joins for research after obtaining registration from the University.
  • Teachers in affiliated colleges registered as part time research scholars - should take it as their responsibility to contact the guide and access the materials for research.
  • Those research scholars not in the head quarters of the guide should spend a period of at least three months at a stretch or in instalments of one month every year within three years at the Research Centre before the submission of the thesis.Certificate of Attendance from the Head of the Research Centre is issued for the same.
  • Half yearly reports have to be submitted to the guide, that has to be sent to the Registrar through the Head of the Institution.
  • It is compulsorily to attend half yearly Research Scholars’ meeting held at the Centre.