Scholars under respective Guides



Fr. Varghese K. Varghese, MA, MSW, B.Th, Ph.D, D.S.D (Canada) (Community Development) 2) Dr. Mary Venus Joseph MA (SW), MWS, Dip (Trg and Devt), Dip (Eco and Envt.), Ph.D (Social Work)


Sl. No. Scholar Name Topic
1. Sunil C.B. Physical Disability and associated Psychosocial problems in acute and chronic filariasis
2. A.V. Joseph Community Organisation - a tool for peace making and peace building at micro level
3. Fr. Varghese K.T. A study on Migrants with a special reference to Attapady Block
Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Topic
1. Babu C.J Needs and problems of migrant labourers in the district of Ernakulam
2. Sreedhanya Hrishikesh A study on the abuse and neglect of Elderly women living in families and old age of Kerala<
3. Hemanjali M.P Psychosocial competency building in 'Self Concept' - An intervention among youth
4. Anitha A Impact of Domestic violence on Adolescent children
  Kiran Thampi Study on Organization practices of NGOs in Kerala with special reference to the role of managers
    Social work intervention and its impact on Family System for holistic development of children
7. Francina P.X Empowerment of Women Field Animators of Government and Non Governmental organizations (a comparative study with special reference to Alappuzha District, Kerala State



1) Dr. V. Mukunda Das Ph.D; ITP (Milan) Marketing

Sl. No. Scholar Name Topic
1. Devarajan C Developing turn around strategies for sick public sector enterprises-Analysis of two enterprises in Kerala
2. S. Narayanan Nair Marketing of Telecom services by BSNL and its competitors
3. Satheesh K.G. Developing Marketing Strategies for food products with special focus on milk based products in Kerala
4. Thampy Thomas A Study of Business Planning in Rubber based Industries in Kerala
5. Febi Varghese Management of Public Sector undertakings in the Coir Sector in kerala : A study with special reference to the Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd.
6. Jayamohan Nair. V A study of HRD strategies & practises in federal co-operatives in Kerala

2) Mathew J. Manimala MBA, MBSc (Manchester) FPM (IIMA); Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

Sl. No. Scholar Name Topic.
1. Jojy George A study on professionalism in entreprenual firms in kerala.
2. Jaya Chandran A study on consumer behaviour on pay channel subscribers in India.
3. Jacob Bose Role of ayurveda in tourism - an analytical study of its problems and prospects with special reference to kerala .

3) Dr. K.S. Chandrasekhar, B.Pharm (Hons.) M.B.A (Marketing) M.S (psychotherapy and counselling), Ph.D, honorary doctorate of University Post Doctoral, Spain

Sl. No. Scholar Name Topica
1 Biju K. Paul Study on product development for excellence in market with special reference to FCI OEN Connectors Ltd.
2 Biju John "Study on Risk Management in Banks - its impact on profitability".
3 Shankar Jay A study on the impact of tourism on ayurvedic sector in kerala" - "A study on Risk Management in Banks - its impact on profitability".
4 Satheesh Kumar E.P Human Resource Functions for better organisational health.
5 Hari S Technology And Its Impact On Management In Printing Industry In India.
6 Mohan B. Nair Energy careers for energy security of India – Investigation for an optimum mix.
7 Giju Paul A study on the HRD Practices to minimise labour turnover in Hotel Industry specific focus on Kerala.

4) Dr. M. H. Salim, BSc., LL.B- University of Kerala., MBA - University of Calicut., PhD-(marketing) Cochin University of Science and Technology

1. P.S. Thomas A study on Organisational part climate time and resistance to change in the Kerala State Electricity Board.
2. Anu Varghese A study on Marketing practices in Handloom and Khadi Industries in Kerala.
3. Alex Koshy Measuring E-Business value creation of Banking sector in Kerala- A study with reference to public sector banks.
4. Elizabeth Dominic A study on Organisational Citizenship Behaviour among members of the Faculty in the B-Schools of Kerala.
5. Kailas K.P Effect of total quality management in business performance.
6. Arons V. Cherussery Study On Environment Management System In Chemical Industries In Kerala.

5) Dr. Robinet Jacob – MTA, APS University, Rewa - M.S (Psychotherapy and Counseling), PhD degree from HNB Garhwal University

Sl. No. Scholar Name Full / part time Topic.
1. Sindhu Joseph Part time Development of Sustainable Indicators for Medical Tourism Development in Kerala with reference to Modern Medicine.

1) Dr. Celine Sunny (Celine K. Scaria) MA (Sociology) Ph.D (Social Sciences).

1. Jomon George A study of the psycho social problems of persons who attempted suicide in Kerala with special reference to Palakkad Dt.
2. Elizabeth Lovely Mary Michael Impact of divorce among Muslim women.
3. Anvar Haq. Social Welfare interventions at the local level ( An evaluation study of governmental social welfare interventions at grama panchayat level in kerala.

K.K.GEORGE- MA (Economics), Ph.D; Economics, Capital Market

Sl. No. Scholar Name Full/ part time Topic.
1.   Part time Dynamic of Labour Migration to Kerala – Patterns and Consequences.